Internet scam

Online fraud

Fraud in the vast World Wide Web is not uncommon for a long time, and many naively believe that never caught on bait of wishing to cash in on the trust of users. But every day there are new fraud schemes that are beginning to work more productively than the previous, because each scheme is based on the feelings and hopes of people. And if the investments in the pyramid and games in the online casino users have learned to handle with sufficient caution, the online – learning of foreign language is a gold mine for resourceful cheaters. Potential students wishing to get a good education, often fall for the tricks of pseudo teachers. But if there is a problem, there are methods to help protect themselves from it.

So, first you need to determine all the pitfalls that harbored online foreign language courses, and tripping over which, you can not just go without new knowledge, but also get on the internet scam. When you come to online language teaching, the first type of fraud is a tutor through Skype from “the street”.

Often, professionals who call themselves gurus of foreign languages, do not have behind them a greater knowledge base more than the school program and unfinished express – courses. Other scammers are more honest and revealing online language school recruit university graduates, but are generally attributed to them non-existent achievements. Yesterday a student of Philology University of any small town and the online tutor of English can in an instant become a graduate of the University of London. Exaggerated? Perhaps, but clearly.

They may call themselves super-specialists, who completed a great number of universities and international courses, professors. As you can imagine, this often turns out to internet scam. Of course, you must recognize the qualification, which is your tutor through Skype, questioning, and in any case do not hesitate to ask questions. It would not be bad manners to ask the teacher about where he was studying, ask to see the computer screen of a diploma, even recognizing the serial number.

Internet scam occurs when you, choosing learning a foreign on Skype, and inspired by the prospect of learning with specialist, living for 10 years in New York, the same evening meet him, for example, at the supermarket checkout. But this is not the limit of ingenuity swindlers. Of course, we can and need to read reviews of the tutor on skype on the internet and there’s a chance you’re lucky, and you will learn the truth about the rogue from former students before you give him your money.

Online fraud

There are even some pseudo – teachers, knowledge of which is simply impossible to determine. And not because the student did not prepare or reviews for training on Skype with the teacher absent, but because the quality of communication with the teacher online disastrous. Interference failures, thud – this list is long. Any self-respecting online school will not save on equipment and ensure the quality of communication, because it is the basis of productive and high-quality training.

Just imagine the situation – there is no video, you can not see the tutor (by the way, there can be plenty of excuses – video camera has broken, communication failure, that is not working, etc.), and vainly trying to catch at least some information. And in fact, on the other side of the monitor sits some sophomore Peter (if you’re lucky) and something proofreads loud from the textbooks of foreign language. It now remains only one question – interference with communication specifically admitted that was not so apparent ignorance Petit, or the fraudsters do not want to spend the normal equipment? Probably, both options have the right to life.

There is another type of online fraud, when lessons as such would not be at all! Money from you, of course, they will take, but you unlikely will be able to return them, because you pay voluntarily. The way out is to scrutinize the details, according to which you pay tuition. If it is not clear for whom you paid, paying to his personal e-wallet, then what about the provision of school education is all about? School declares that they did not know such person at all.

Payment can be made solely on the details of the school, but not at the expense of a private person! May he even calls himself a director, it is not worth to send your money, as it is uniquely online fraud. Otherwise, it will simply be a charity in favor of the cheater, and no training from the school, you will not get.

Even if at first glance, the school is credible, teachers seem to be true professionals, alert, if you have to pay more for something other than the specified tuition. The quoted price must include all the agreed services! No interest for the transfer of money and other things do not have to pay in a decent school!

And there are online frauds that live exclusively by future. Yes, they are online – language school, which really exist and people really work there (specifically omit the word “teachers”). But there’s something you do not like, and you want to stop learning, for example, after the second session. Or simply do not have the opportunity to continue training, but you want to return the money that you have paid in advance. In this case, the scammers meet failure, taking your money just like that.

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