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Relationships for each adult – it is an integral part of, because it is incorporated physiologically. But, as practice shows, not everyone likes the standard visits, to which we are accustomed.

Today it has become very popular to start a internet relationship. At first glance, one might think that these types of meetings attract young people, but not on such a relationship happy and the older generation.

Basically, there are dating between young Slavyanka, from thirty to forty-five and foreigners. Age category from overseas suitors fifty and above, it is men or widowers who want to see beside her submissive, young and beautiful wife.

It’s no secret that Russian women are the most beautiful in the world. But their submission is even talk. Among the foreigners there are rumors that the girls of the Slavic peoples very good wife, who appreciate family values, a bit old-fashioned and that for them the seed in the first place. Foreign modern girls, in turn, on the contrary, they care about his career and appearance, and children engaged in babysitting.

Regarding the Russian, then such notions stick unit, and the rest, try a good marriage and family values ​​they no longer care about.

Internet relationship Slav plant for several reasons.

  1. Find a rich foreign husband.
  2. To go abroad and obtain citizenship by means of marriage.
  3. Earn at acquaintance.

Unfortunately, decent women, there are few, and the desire for easy money, leads to the fact that they are not quite such good deeds.

Some of them deal with their own such kind of acquaintances, and others have assistants, such as marriage agencies.

In the first cases of women registered on dating sites, where more than just foreigners, and such sites today very much. Write to multiple foreign and begin to take action.

In most cases, foreign bride thinks that he has found his one and begins to send expensive gifts and money. A girl with a quiet mind accepts tokens and takes all of a few fans.

And believe me, when he spoke about how to arrive, she tells that her country is not safe to come and offer their own. But this she needed the money you send it. After the transfer, there is a possibility that it will no longer appear and all its accounts will be deleted.

The second case is a fraud with the help of marriage agencies. They work on the same principle as in the first case, but then the girl gets only the interest and gifts, and all profits go to the agency.

Since such visits and love have become a problem below the twenty-first century we will give advice on how to protect yourself and do not get on the malevolent Slav.

Online relationship advices

The main recommendation, which can be given in this case, it does not start dating through the Internet. But we all know that the network is an integral part of our lives in the modern world. And also the fact that it is very difficult to find a mate in his country, so look at some online relationship advices.

For starters, when you crank some acquaintance in the network, look for the profile of your companion. Often, women who want to attract attention, spread fairly candid photos. Also, the entire profile, a participant site is full.

Remember that no decent woman would not be completely filled out my profile, and especially not lay this kind of photo.

Next, look at how she writes to you. Often, if the acquaintance directed on the benefit, she never, or very rarely refers to you by name. This is done because it is at the same time wrote several men, and not to write everything on the line, it sends the same message to each of its interlocutor.

Pay attention to what she tells you. Such women are very sociable and open in conversation. Since they do not want to spend a long time on you.

Also, it often happens after a week of communication recognized the girl you love and talk about high feelings.

This time you should immediately alert, because you can not love a man so fast, and even more so over the Internet.

The most common version, which should be paid attention to, it requests the girl to help her financially.

The reasons can be many, but a very common cause – is to help her relatives who become seriously ill.

Online relationship advices you can give a lot, because every girl builds its strategy on its own. The main thing, remember, under any circumstances, transfer money, no matter how sincere or looked, so the title of your significant other.

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