Internet fraud schemes

Where to report online scams

The modern world can be described as very cruel, because with the advent of modern technology, the moral principles of mankind disappear. Almost everyone strives to make more money, but the way in which he will earn it is another question.

People have become as cynical and immoral, that for the sake of papers they ready to go at all. Today, crime is rampant almost everywhere, the criminals are punished, but, unfortunately, not all.

In our time, crime in the World Wide Web is very common. Many users are coming up with new internet fraud schemes. This approach to “earnings” is very disappointing, because the average age of the main criminals is from twenty-five to forty-five years.

These people are basically good people and have a fairly high level of intelligence, because they create a whole system of fraud. Since every modern man is a network user, let’s look at the most common internet fraud schemes and try to protect ourselves in the future from this global problem.

  1. Non-existent online store.

Since most people use online shopping resources, a good fraud scheme is built on it.

How does it work. Conman creates a “store”, which fills with the products of famous brands, but the only difference is that the cost is very low. Typically, these online stores require prepayment in full or in part, for example, fifty percent. After payment no one will connect with for confirmation of the order, and, of course, you can not call to the store.

 To protect yourself, you need to buy goods in shops known to you, and if you decided to purchase the products in an unknown resource, then you should check out some information.

Note the date of creation of the site, look for reviews on the Internet, as well as keep in mind, not everything that cheap is good.

  1. Remote job.

Everyone knows that now people work remotely and are looking for special orders through the exchange. So, freelance also has internet fraud schemes.

Here the scheme is quite simple. The customer chooses the performer, the second does the job, but in the end gets nothing.

In order to avoid this unpleasant moment, you can:

– To pay attention to the date of registration of the customer;

– Read the reviews about him;

– In order to avoid trouble to take a prepayment in the amount of fifty percent.

  1. Dating

It’s not a secret that most people are looking for a life partner on dating sites. But for this type of scam the best internet fraud schemes are created. This kind of scam is impossible to punish, since you voluntarily give money or gifts.

The fraud itself scheme implies the creation of pages with beautiful photographs and totally filled profile. And then a man, who got on a hook, is told tear stories or offered immoral services for which it is necessary to make an advance payment.

After sending the money, “a beautiful lady” disappears and the profile deletes. To protect yourself from such dating, it is better to get acquainted with the real people, and if it has happened in the network, be careful and do not rush to help finance your passion.

  1. Winning the lottery

A lot of people received an e-mail that they have won a myriad sum of money, but for this you need to order the product or to send a small amount of money to transfer prize.

Remember, if you participate in any competitions, and became the winner, you will send your prize by the company. Ignore such letters, because if you have never participated, you would win nothing.

Where to report online scams

Every day, millions of people worldwide become victims of fraud. And only about ten percent of them appeal to the authorities or other services for help.

People don`t go there, so that they do not want someone knew about their problem, because they will feel uncomfortable, and the greatest role plays the distrust of law enforcement bodies, and ignorance of where to report online scams.

Of course, it is better not to fall for fraud, but if such a bad moment happens, you should contact the police. Today, with the rise of crime on the Internet a special unit was created, which are struggling with the online scams.

Turning to the “K” Division, it is the name of a division, you can write a statement to the person who deceived you, presenting some data.

It will be much easier for police to find the swindler, if you specify on which site the fraud was created, give his a nickname or an email address.

Also, another point where to report online scams is site of the administrators. They can help you to sort out the problem by giving some information on scams.

If a trouble happens with you, do not delay this point for later, immediately contact the authorities or contact the admins. The more applications for a fraudster exist, the greater likelihood that he will be punished for the done.

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