Internal Russian passport

russia internal passport

The passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation (also called an “internal” or “Russian internal passport”) is the main identity document, an internal passport of Russia citizen in the Russian Federation. This document has all the citizens of Russia who have reached 14 years of age and residing in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Cover of the Domestic passport Russia
Cover of the Domestic passport Russia
Main reversal of Russian domestic passport
Main reversal of Russian domestic passport

Russian passport format. How to read a Russian passport

The form of a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation is made according to a single model/template indicating all the details in Russian language. The passport form has a size of 88 × 125 mm and contains 20 pages stitched along the entire length of the fold with a two-color thread with a dotted glow in ultraviolet radiation, including 14 pages with numbering in a decorative design, duplicated in the center of the page in the background grid.

The following information about the citizen’s identity is entered in the Russian passport:

  • surname;
  • name;
  • patronymic;
  • sex;
  • date of birth;
  • place of birth.

Other notes/mentions Russia passport may have:

  • place of residence
  • military duty for the citizens over 18
  • marriage registration or divorce
  • children under 14
  • previously issued documents, that prove the identity of a citizen of Russia inside Russian Federation
  • previously issued documents, that prove the identity of a citizen of Russia outside Russian Federation

Russian passport expiration date

Russian passport expiry date:

  • from 14 years old – until reaching the age of 20;
  • from 20 years – until reaching the age of 45;
  • from 45 years – indefinitely.

Russian passport machine-readable entry

Russian domestic passport has special rules and method of forming a machine-readable entry. The machine-readable record contains the surname, name, patronymic, date of birth (year, month, day) of the passport holder, sex of the passport holder, series and number of the passport, code of the migration department issuing the passport, date of issue of the passport, as well as the type of document, state issuing the passport, citizenship of the passport holder.

A machine-readable entry consists of two lines of 44 characters each. The machine-readable entry area is located in the opposite fold of the bottom quarter of the third page of the passport.

A machine-readable entry is entered into the passport with a special printer using the font OCR-B type 1 (Стандарт ИСО 1073/П).

To fill in the positions of characters 6–44 of the top line of a machine-readable record, the “modernized clair” information coding method is used, in which the letters of the Russian alphabet correspond to certain letters of the Latin alphabet and Arabic numbers:

letters of the Russian alphabet 


match characters 


To fill in the positions of the characters on the bottom line of a machine-readable record, a digital method of encoding information is used, except for the positions of characters 11 – 13 and 21.

There is a data structure of the upper and lower machine-readable lines.

Russian internal passport number format

These details will tell you how to read a Passport series and number Russian. The series and passport number are recorded in the format XX XX YYYYYY, where XX XX is the 4-digit passport series and YYYYYY is the 6-digit passport number.

Now you know how many digits does a Russian passport have

numbers in russia internal passport series number and id number
Russian passport number example

The first two digits of the passport series correspond to the OKATO code of the region in which the passport was issued; the third and fourth digits of the passport series correspond to the last two digits of the year of issue of the passport form (deviation of 1-3 years is allowed).

What is a series and passport number of a citizen of the Russian Federation? This is an original 10-digit numeric combination. Without looking closely, you can see that there is a small gap between the first four digits and the next six, which distinguishes the series from the number. The first four numerical values are a series of the document, and the remaining six are its number.

If you look closely, the first 4 digits are also pairwise separated from each other, for example, 52 17. The first pair number allows you to find out in which area the citizen received his document.

The digital code in the document allows you to distinguish one document from another. A single surname and name would not be enough, since many people with the same surname, name and date of birth can live in the Russian Federation.

In such a situation, only a given numerical code helps to distinguish one citizen from another. After all, the chance that two citizens have a numerical code will be identical is zero.

If you enter these values in a special database, then the result will be all the information about the person (his name, information about marriage, children, etc.).

Russian passport number sample

Passport number Russia

Russia passport number sample
Russia passport number

Example Russian passport serial number: a passport of a series 45 04 was issued in the city of Moscow, and a passport of a series 37 11 was issued in the Kurgan region in 2011.

For example, if the beginning of the ten-digit code contains the number 52, this means that the document was received in the Nizhny Novgorod region. After the first two-digit number follows the second, which means the year of issue.

From example 52-17 it can be understood that the passport was issued in 2017.

Attention! Sometimes the second number does not coincide with the year of issue, that is, instead of 17 it may be 16 or 18. There is an explanation for this.

This can happen when the issued forms for 2017 ended, and in the passport office began to use forms for the next, 2018. Or vice versa, the year 2016 has passed, and the forms remained on it.

Therefore, if the second two-digit number does not coincide with the year of issue, there is nothing criminal in it.

Russian passport ID number
Russian passport ID number
Russia passport number
Russian passport number format

The photo shows the second and third pages of the passport of a person who is a citizen of Russia. On the right vertically along the entire length of the pages of the document, a series and a number are printed in red font. Russian passport ID number

The first numerical value, consisting of 2 digits – 39, means the area in which the citizen received the document. In the situation presented in the photo above, the document was issued in the Kaliningrad region.

Let’s look at another example with a different arrangement of partially original code of Russian passport series and number.

Russian passport series and number
Russian passport series and number

On the page on the lower right, you can clearly see numbers from small punctures. Everything is similar here, only spaces between numerical values are less noticeable than in the first example.

The last six digits are the serial number in the state database.

Based on this, we can conclude that the first 4 digits of many citizens of the Russian Federation can be identical. But the next six digits of all people are absolutely unique.

Russian passport example

Russian passport example
Russian passport example

Russian domestic passport number lookup

Use official website of the General Directorate for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia – Checking the List of Invalid Russian Passports.

The service is informational; the information provided is not legally significant.

The source of the information service is a daily updated list of invalid passports, which can be used by any interested person or organization whose activities are connected with the need to verify the validity of the passport.

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