Inside DNR prostitution: agree to have sex with men and women

Sex workers in DNR

Due to lack of money for living and lack of work in ORDLO territory (Temporarily occupied and uncontrolled territories of Ukraine), locals make money through prostitution. For example, some DNR residents offer sex through social networks and related sites.

Female prostitution in the DNR

“Money is enough for living. You can receive 15 thousand hryvnias (about 550 USD) a month, says Anna from Donetsk. She asks for her name not to be indicated. – Clients meet us online.

On the internet sites, women in this area are divided into cheap and luxury. They are chosen by hair color, eyes, breast size and even the presence or absence of intimate haircut. The lowest price is 400 UAH. The most expensive – 1600 UAH per hour. Some may go to neighboring cities – Yasynuvata, Makiivka, Khartsyzsk. But this is for proven clients.

Almost all girls work for their safety in their own homes. – If a man wants to spend the whole night – he pays about 3 thousand hryvnias. Most clients are rebels (pro Russian terrorists). But girls do not like to work with them because many of them are inadequate. “

Sometimes clients include Russian mercenaries and residents of the Russian Federation who come here for relatives or for business. Sex services in the LNR and the DPR are cheaper than in the Russian Federation.

“Some girls go for sex work to the neighboring Rostov region of Russia. There, the earnings are several times higher,” adds Anna.

The self-proclaimed ORDLO authorities forbade to stand on the track. Have sex only in homes. There are multi-room apartments equipped with intimate services, but they are guarded and accommodate only adequate people. If they see a man in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication – they refuse. “

Male prostitution in the DNR

There is also male prostitution in the Donetsk People Republic. Most often such services are used by other men, rarely by women. Intimate services are offered through the social network “VKontakte”.

“Boys are more likely to use the services of boys, especially men who are over 30 have money and want to diversify their lives. Such pleasure is not cheap – at least 400 hryvnias an hour,” says Denis from occupied Donetsk.

– “Boys on Call” are browsing the Internet and saying they are ready to give themselves to another man for a reward. Most often these are the young guys after university who have not been able to find a specialty job and are unable to leave their jobs for family reasons. Sometimes they write that they work, but they need money for clothes or food, so they agree to have sex with men, women, and even with several people at the same time. But having sex for money is dangerous for guys. Some of them do not meet on the field of departure and initially arrange a meeting in neutral territory. ”