I met a girl from Ukraine. Is she scamming me?

So you met a girl from Ukraine and she’s asking you to help her to leave Ukraine safely. Most of the time, she needs to go to Lviv and from there to Poland.

Her family (mom, dad, and cat) is tired of constant bombings. Ukrainian troops are advancing, Russian troops are retreating… There is chaos everywhere, destroyed buildings…

But you can save her and change her life. All she needs is some money for a taxi, passport, food etc.  And then everything is gonna be okay. These requests are accompanied by delicious photos that let you know that your efforts will be rewarded. And this little one flies into your arms. It’s even better than dating sites. You have a humanitarian mission. You are actually doing Ukraine a favor.

If it’s a scam, then usually photos are taken from other people’s profiles. Pictures of beautiful Ukrainian girls for every occasion. A student, an older lady, a woman with kids – they have everything you’re looking for.

If it’s a scam, she would block you once the money is received. They offer you to send money to Western Union, PayPal, etc. Of course, the specified payment details are real people. But they look different than your girlfriend in the photo. Because the passport she sent to you is fake. They’ll just take their money (steal yours) and you’ll be screwed.

So how do I know if she’s scamming me?

How do we investigate such cases? First of all, a photo and a passport. But don’t worry. You will hardly be able to find her photo. Scammers use photos from Instagram or Vkontakte, which are not indexed in Google. Standard reverse search does not work.

We are able to check all her details: name, address, phone number, check her passport or other ID, identify a person by photos etc. And the most important thing – to check if she’s telling the truth: in which city is she staying, is there really fighting going on there now, is the city under occupation or perhaps already liberated, etc. All these things change very quickly. It is extremely difficult for an untrained person, and even a foreigner, to put it together and figure it out.

We’ve been providing this service since 2010. We can help you.

We offer different levels of service:

  • Identify a person by pictures (80 USD)
  • Check Ukrainian passport (90 USD)
  • Maximum verification (check if she’s telling the truth, passport, pictures, address, phone number etc) (195 USD).

 The result is ready within 24 hours once the payment is confirmed.