How women are deceived on dating sites

How women are deceived on dating sites

Dating scammers every now and then.

They change names and faces, schemes and methods of deception.

They learn and improve.

One thing’s been true since time began: they know psychology perfectly well (human in general and feminine in particular) and play on such feelings as love, compassion and willingness to help others.

Communication with some ends in financial losses. These are faster and easier to recognize.

An affair with others can be fraught with the loss of faith in oneself, in sincere feelings, in normal human relationships. Such scammers are more difficult to recognize and take more time.

If we talk about the first type, who need money, then there are several standard scenarios in which they most often work.

Variations are possible in these schemes, but the general line remains unchanged: first, a man confesses his love and then asks for money.

Who are male scammers most often pretend to be and what stories do they choose to deceive?

  • US military forces (from privates to generals) in a war zone
  • Doctors, most often surgeons. Also doing their duty in hot spots (Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq) and working for the army, the UN, the World Health Organization (WHO), the international nongovernmental organization MSF (Doctors Without Borders), etc
  • Oil workers and engineers on floating oil platforms
  • Seafarers
  • Businessmen who allegedly go on business trips or travel to various countries and get into trouble there.

Most often, photographs of allegedly American military personnel, doctors, etc. scammers from Ghana and Nigeria are hiding. They take photos in the public domain (Instagram), come up with fictitious names/ life stories and write to women.

Dating scammers ask for help and send money when they allegedly find themselves in a desperate situation. And no one but the female victim can help. 

The deception can be quite plausible. And if a woman has no experience of online dating, communication with foreign men, then she may well fall for the bait of a swindler.


Never send money to a man if you have not met him personally, have not seen him at least on video, but communicated only by letters (dating site) or voice. The best defense against fraudsters is your own caution and critical thinking. We offer verification of Ukrainian men on dating sites.

Male romance scammers. How to recognize?

Dating sites are fertile ground for all sorts of swindlers, and girls aged 35 and older are in the zone of special risk. They often have higher incomes, an unsuccessful marriage behind their backs, or a long period of loneliness, which makes them very vulnerable. The scammers have an eye for such women, they figure out a suitable candidate very quickly and put their plan into action. The scheme of deception does not change for years: earn the trust, patiently listen to tearful stories, tones of compliments and care, make you fall in love with him, and then the main thing is to lure your money.

Male dating scammers. Major categories

Single father

This category of men plays, not so much on female feelings, but on the maternal instinct. The story is always the same: the wife died, drunk up, found another man, left in an unknown direction, went on a trip around the world. In short, left the poor fellow with a small child. The classic trick of deception: the child is sick, and the hero father has like five jobs to provide expensive treatment somewhere in Israel or Germany. And then pity for the child and the young father takes its toll, and now the woman is already transferring all her hard-earned money, because the child’s health is above all.

Military romance scams

The most creative guys. An obligatory attribute of the legend is service in the troops, and so remote that neither the telephone nor the Internet can be caught, and this is in the age of high technologies. A stern military man, more often a widower with a child, is looking for a serious woman who would take a bullet for him. There is no time for courtship, so he immediately offers to marry, naturally after the end of the service. As soon as the victim falls in love and already mentally buys a wedding dress, our hero comes under fire in some mountain village or African jungle and scribbles love letters from the hospital, begging for help. “I need money to save my life, I love you, there’s no one else to ask, I’ll pay back everything…”. Classic, isn’t it?


The seduction scheme is quite standard. Invites you on a date, but not in the cinema, but somewhere to Spain. He books the tour, but a couple of days before departure, the card is suddenly lost or blocked, there is no cash. A thousand apologies: “I’ll pay it back; I’ll figure it out as soon as we get back”. The woman’s heart melted, she paid for the tour. A handsome man with “puppy eyes” every day expresses another portion of regret while drinking free champagne on an excursion yacht. Takes a daily breakfast in bed, admiring the natural beauty of her “Aphrodite”. Upon returning from vacation, he disappears in an unknown direction.