How Ukrainian scammers use real passports to deceive victims

How to Safeguard Your Heart and Wallet from Ukrainian Passport Scammers

The Danger Lurking Behind Authenticity: Unveiling the Perfect Ukrainian Passport Scam

In this scheme, dating scammers from Ukraine use real passports. An image of a passport that actually exists. The scammer gets it from the Internet. These are special forums or groups in social networks where they publish what has been found/lost in order to find the owners of lost documents.

Next, love scammers find the social networks of the person whose passport they are using and communicate with potential victims on their behalf. This is where the scammers’ imagination comes into play. Depending on the photos at their disposal, they create an appropriate legend (young girl, mature lady, divorced, woman with children, widow, etc.).

The danger is that you will never be able to recognize that this passport is problematic. De jure, it is authentic. All the data is valid, the watermarks are real, and most importantly, the person really exists. It is a perfect Ukrainian passport.

Accordingly, the scammer will avoid video communication at all costs. This Ukrainian girl will tell you that her phone was stolen or broke, there is no Internet, she is in a bad mood… and 150 other reasons. In other words, you will never see her in person. And even if you do, the picture will be so shitty that you won’t understand anything. And if you start asking questions, she’ll blame you: “You don’t trust me”, “I’ve done so much for you”, “I just want us to be together”…

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