How Ukrainian girls work as escorts

Ukraine escort girls
Are you someone who loves luxury, knows how to communicate effectively, and has no inhibitions, but struggles to achieve the best results? We can help! We are offering a job in Kyiv where you can earn up to $3000 per month
. This is a typical ad text from a special group where a Ukrainian escort agency is looking for new models.

In this article you will find out:

  • In which Ukrainian cities there are escort services;
  • How much Ukrainian escorts earn in Ukraine and other countries;
  • What working conditions escort agencies offer to models;
  • How to identify and find an escort model from Ukraine.

Escort agencies in Ukraine

Escort agencies in Ukraine advertise for new faces through veiled ads.  These ads may include high-paying work for girls, modeling agency work, or work in luxury apartments.

Work in big cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia.

Ukrainian escort agencies offer girls a salary of 6 to 10,000 USD per month. The agency keeps half of the payment. Individual schedule, a team of professionals, respectful attitude, trusted clients, round-the-clock support. In addition, the agency provides advertising, apartments in the city center, many orders and a daily salary. In fact, girls are offered a lot of money without much effort. And of course, no problems with the police.

Requirements for candidates: age 18-35, cleanliness, punctuality, non-conflict, no alcohol and drug addiction, politeness and ability to communicate. The agencies assure that they guarantee safety and anonymity.

Specialized chat rooms exist where girls offer their services for a fee. The cost is $130 per hour or $650 per night. These chat rooms also contain men seeking financial arrangements with girls in exchange for sex.  In Ukraine, these men are referred to as sponsors.

It is funny that certain Kyiv escorts accept payment through credit cards and even cryptocurrency.

The client can either visit the models or have them come to their apartment.

Certain Kyiv escort agencies advertise a variety of options, including models with silicone breasts, fitness girls, and Instagram models, to cater to different preferences.

The client conditions are very flexible. You can choose an individual, a masseuse, or a dependent, all within your budget.  There is a permanent meeting place available for you, whether it be at your home or while traveling. Special catalogs with profiles are also available.

How Ukrainian escorts work abroad


They invite girls who want to work and earn money. Agencies promise 160-240 Euros per hour + tips. Free tickets, advertising at the expense of the agency. So-called “tours” of 14 days or more. All travel expenses are covered by the agency. The work schedule is negotiable. Accommodation – a room or hotel in the city center.

United States

In America, girls from Ukraine are promised higher earnings. On average, $50,000 per month or $400-600 per hour. The girl takes 70% of the payment, and the escort agency takes 30%.

Accommodation in a 4-star hotel, “tours” from two weeks. The best cities in America.


The employer states that it has been working in this market for more than 5 years, and is looking for women aged 18 to 40. 250 Euros per hour. The distribution of money is 60/40. All expenses for staying in Italy are 50/50. The agency assures that it checks each client.

 Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan

Girls from Ukraine are offered work in comfortable rooms without going to clients, a 50/50 split of money, and visa processing in one day.

Identify an escort model from Ukraine

Our company has been screening girls from Ukraine since 2010. We will help you find the right girl you are looking for. Photo identification, document verification, etc. Write to us and get the result in a short time.