How to verify Ukrainian passport?

What sort of information is needed and how can I check Ukrainian passport?

How can I check Ukrainian passport on my own? What sort of information is needed and how can this best be done?

Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not yet completely sure about the universe (Albert Einstein).  

Can I find all the information online validate Ukrainian passport myself? Is it difficult to do?

– No, it’s not difficult at all. It is enough to have the necessary knowledge and experience. In general, everything in life is simple, if you have learned something and really know how to do it.

For example, a bear in a circus can ride a bicycle. To claim afterwards that a non-professional cannot check a Ukrainian passport would be unfair (in relation to a bear). Indeed, there are extraordinary people who build houses by their own, construct machines by their own, etc. The only problem is that such geniuses are very rare. The vast majority are convinced they can perform an important task based on finding information (on any issue) on Wikipedia. The end of such adventures is always the same – to blame everyone but yourself for your own failure.

Evolution of Ukrainian passport

Ok, let’s be clear. It is now 2020. Ukrainian passports are valid for 10 years. It means that some Ukrainian passports issued in 2010 (!) are still valid. The problem is there were at least three different versions/templates of Ukrainian passport for travel abroad: Ukrainian passport of old template, Ukrainian passport of new template with biometric and Ukrainian passport without biometric.

ukrainian passport templates

There are a huge bunch of nuances, laws, exceptions, photos, transliteration, data and ways to enter it in the passport. Three different documents. Each of them has its own design, watermarks, requirements regarding data, font types, photographs, watermarks, transliteration and so on. And don’t forget about exceptions and judicial precedents.

Still convinced you can check it by yourself?

– Do it. Don’t give up.

Check Ukrainian passport for free

Have you ever heard the expression “penny-wise, pound foolish”?

There is a category of people who send us a copy of Ukrainian passport for verification but do not order our services, claiming that either the cost of the verification is too high for them or they accuse us of being scammers.

Another category of men truly believe that we must check for them Ukrainian passports for free. (WTF?)

Interestingly, in most cases, these men have already lost several hundred or thousands of dollars, but they have no money to pay once to make sure their girlfriend is a scammer.

Check Ukrainian passport. Dealing with a PRO

It’s good to deal with extremely competent, detail oriented people. We’ve been providing a service of validation of Ukrainian passports for 10 years. Our people have necessary knowledge and experience. Over 500 documents have been checked and hundreds of happy clients over these years. We deliver the result (detailed report by email) within 24 hours once the payment is confirmed.