How to report a case of fraud to the Ukrainian police

report the Ukrainian police about a scammer
This is a short guide for reporting illegal activities and potential fraud to Ukrainian authorities.  Follow the step-by-step directions.

If you know about fraud in Ukraine and want to reach out to the National Police of Ukraine, here’s how you can do it. Gather as much proof as you can regarding the crime. Personal information such as names, addresses, (potentially related to the scammer’s contacts), documents (copies or originals), pictures, recordings, messages (screenshots), phone numbers, credit card numbers, receipts, checks, tickets, and any other identifying information that could suggest criminal activity.

All the evidence needs to be included with your application in the prescribed format. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Order No. 100 dated 08.02.2019 prescribes the process for accepting such statements, for maintaining a unified record of statements, and reports of criminal offenses and other incidents by police agencies and units. If you mail your document to Ukraine, you must provide the name and contact information of the organization and its head, along with your personal details and proof attached, such as address and phone number.

How can I report fraud to the Ukrainian authorities while I am in the United States?

Since you’re probably not in Ukraine, the best way to reach the Ukrainian authorities is to email the police department with the correct email address. This is also not so clear-cut, as there are three options where you can go:

  1. to the e-mail address of the National Police of Ukraine. However, most likely, your appeal will be forwarded to the territorial unit where the crime was committed;
  2. to the email address of the Cyberpolice of Ukraine. This unit handles solving these types of crimes with more specialized and human resources.
  3. to the email address of the district police department where the fraud happened.

Sending one appeal to all possible addresses may not guarantee better results, but it is still worth considering. The mailing and email locations of the Ukrainian law enforcement are easily accessible online.

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