How to renew Ukrainian passport that is damaged – detailed instruction and prices

What to do with a torn Ukrainian passport – how to recover and how much it costs

The passport of a citizen of Ukraine is one of the most important documents required for the identification of a person. It is worth noting that the passport can not only be lost, but also spoiled, which will make it invalid.

A passport of a citizen of Ukraine is considered to be damaged if

  • one or more pages are torn from it
  • there are entries, stamps, and other marks that are blurred, dirty, or painted so that they cannot be read
  • contains unrecorded entries or marks;
  • spoiled photo
  • there is severe physical damage to the pages or obvious traces of fire, water or chemicals.

To renew a defective Ukrainian passport, you must contact the territorial unit of the State Migration Service or the administrative service center at the place of registration.

Passport, screenshot: YouTube

The cost of issuing a new Ukrainian passport depends on the urgency of issue: UAH 345 for 20 working days or UAH 471 for 10 days.  After this time, the ID card of the new sample can be picked up in the same unit.

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