How to recognize Ukrainian Male Romance Scammers

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She met a man from Ukraine on Facebook and while they never met in person they began a relationship. The woman was swindled and tricked by Ukrainian man she thought she loved.

Wildly popular practice of online dating and the dangers that can exist on the other side of the computer screen.

I know people who’ve gotten married to somebody they met on the Internet. But for some people online dating mean heartbreak and going broke.

They were looking for love. They thought they found it.

How can you tell a Ukrainian Male Scammer online dating?

First they find you on dating sites, they write you “missing you”. When you are all alone and you don’t do much of anything just hearing once in a while makes you feel better. Sweet messages went her over.

It starts with romantic letters and poems evolved into mind games and emotional blackmail. The woman thought she was being cautious but it ends up losing thousands of dollars.  

It all started when she got a friend request on Facebook. The online friendship quickly escalated into a digital romance. Talked on the phone all the time, emails, messenger… In about a month of time into the relationship the man begins to hit the woman up for money.

Romantic conversations kind of like an unwritten fairy tale. The crazy way you talk to each other… Turn to coercion and manipulation.

“I am ready to marry you but first I need cash to do this and that”. “You are my dearest love and sunshine and my one and only”. “My wallet and credit card was stolen and I have a little boy and I cannot feed him”. “I need some money for my last job before I retired”. They ask money again and again. For different reasons. Woman send money, a lot of money before they realize it was a scam.

It’s amazing how they can get money out of somebody who doesn’t have it. It all happens over countless conversations and text messages.

Police won’t go to Ukraine arresting a scammer

It is the largest growing financial online fraud scheme. In just the last three years close to 50,000 complains have been filed, more than $1 billion swindled. Very few have been prosecuted.

Those easy to find these scammers are hard to catch. Many are organized and operate from countries like Ukraine or Russia. US government doesn’t have arrest powers to go and arrest somebody in Ukraine or Russia or wherever they’re from.

A telltale sign that there’s a scam as when they’re giving you money and asking you to give them money back. People in the US lost more money to the romance scam than any other scam in 2020. Victims are often elderly persons living alone, who don’t want to admit they’ve been scammed.

How to recognize a Ukrainian Male Romance Scammers?

How do you know if a guy from Ukraine is scamming you? There are several red flags to watch out for.

  1. Camera will want to take off the site into text message or some other email or something like that. So they want to get it off the site.
  2. They also move the relationship really fast. They’re very quick to say “I love you” so that bond gets build really fast.
  3. The scammer will always have an excuse to never meet in person and the inevitable request for money is always bound to come up. When the relationship seems to be getting serious, something comes up: a health issue, a family emergency… The story may change but the request is always the same and it is always money.

Let us help you

Let us help you mend your broken heart and educate you about the Ukrainian Male Romance Scammers.

That’s what’s really heartbreaking about this is these people really are in love with this person who they think they’ve been talking to and unfortunately it’s not who they think it is.

We’re seeing a spike in these romance scams because people are now turning to dating sites and apps where they’re looking for love.

So how do you protect yourself from Ukrainian Male Romance Scammers?

We’ll help you to identify if you are chatting with a “real person” or a “scammer”.

First of all, we offer a service of identity verification of Ukrainian men on dating sites. It might cost you a little extra but in a long run it is worth it to save some time, heartbreak and money. Speaking of money, please never ever send money to somebody you’ve only met online.  

What do we actually check: name, address, date of birth, passport, if he’s telling the truth… and many other things. We can even go to the place where he claims to live and check the things you want to know. He will not know about this check.

If you have fallen for a scam or believe that you’ve been scammed or you’re being scammed contact