How to meet a girl on a dating site? Instructions for men

how to meet girls on dating sites

Instructions for men on how to properly meet girls on dating sites, how to make the right choice, including who to go on a date and what mistakes to avoid.

Types of girls you better avoid on dating sites

Most mistakes are stereotyped and very common.

Most women on dating sites are there to get an emotional resource. It’s not that you started to get to know her incorrectly, that you don’t communicate properly or that you have problems with your appearance (you are unattractive). The matter is different. For what purpose is she looking for communication there?

Her goal is for as many men as possible to write to her. So in one day she can have dozens of dialogues, she enjoys what a new man wrote, who once again told her that she is the most beautiful and attractive and invites her on a date. Therefore, this category of girls is not interesting to us. Unfortunately, this type of girls is most common on dating sites.

Another category is girls who go on dates. That is, if girls from the first category may not go on a date at all because they do not need it, girls from the second category can go. But if in the process of communication you learn that she had 5-7-8 dates, it means that the situation is repeated. It is an emotional resource translated into real life. But the goal is the same.

The third category that should be excluded is the situation when a girl recently broke off a relationship with boyfriend. Recently – this is a maximum of 5 months. There is a high probability that it was the man who initiated the breakup. But she won’t tell you about it. She will say that it was a joint decision that they came to together. Of course! Do not even think to continue this acquaintance for such a lady.

The girl’s profile on a dating site can tell a lot about her

BTW, her photos in Instagram can tell lots of stuff. If we are talking about the profile, we do not recommend meeting girls who post candid photos.

Which girls does it make sense to meet? Girls who have recently registered. 3 days ago, a week. If a woman has been on a dating site for a month or several months (which is not uncommon), there is a high probability of problems with such a lady. Why? The dating site has a very large selection. Every girl has dozens of dialogues a day. There are hundreds of dialogues in a month. If she is on this site for a few months, then it’s thousands of dialogues. Question: Wasn’t there the only one among a thousand men? It is impossible. So…

How to meet an interesting girl on a dating site

If there are so many exceptions, then why meet girls on dating sites?

With the right approach, you can meet an interesting girl. But this is likely to be an exception to the rule. Sometimes a man registers on a dating site, starts communication, chooses one or two, develops communication and thinks: I will be with her. No, stop, it doesn’t work! This probability is possible in 3% of 100% of all girls on the site. Most often it will be a girl who recently registered, decided to see what’s there, to look around. Of course, sometimes they can lie. But initially, she has no reason to lie to you. In these cases, you can meet an interesting girl.

Before the meeting, it would be nice to organize a kind of briefing. Find answers to important questions. For example, when she had the last relationship, why did they break up. You will have some information to understand whether to continue. For example, when she had the last relationship, why did they break up. You will have some information to understand whether to continue. Because if a man doesn’t care who he goes on a date with, he just wastes his time.

Sometimes a man can meet everyone in a row. What then? She was looking for an emotional resource. As a result, the man was dismissed. She recently broke up with her ex. As a result, the man was dismissed. All these things form in a man something more than complexes. It begins to seem to him that no one is interested in him, that something is wrong with him, that he is constantly a victim of circumstances. If there are several such situations and a man has low self-esteem, it leads to the fact that his pattern of behavior begins to change. It seems to him that now every girl will refuse him. And even when he finds the best option, he will behave inefficiently. It is very difficult to get rid of this feeling.

Instructions. What to do?

  1. If from the very beginning of communication your dialogue is more like an interrogation (you ask a question, she answers briefly), do not waste your time. Just end the conversation. If you asked a few questions, she answered briefly and just kept quiet, don’t write anymore. She must also show initiative and be interested in communication. There must be parity. If that doesn’t happen, it’s time to move on. 
  2. If she is in another city / country, you do not need to develop communication, you do not need this relationship at a distance.
  3. When can I invite her on a date? One day of communication is more than enough. This can be arranged in two stages. As? One day of communication on a dating site. Then you take a messenger number (such as WhatsApp), where you can exchange voice messages. And then a meeting. If she doesn’t give you a number, leave her without any regrets.
  4. Take/upload quality photos. Sometimes men upload photos from the 90s and wonder why no one writes to them.