How to get a Ukrainian passport. Scam case

passport fraud ukraine

One of the most common frauds with Ukrainian passports/citizenship. Usually, the cases concern people from countries such as the Philippines, India, Indonesia and others.

This is what people write us: Can I track my passport status? Can I track my Ukrainian passport?

In fact, the very questioning is alarming. The person is currently outside Ukraine and wants to track the status of his Ukrainian passport.

In fact, it is impossible. Because it is illegal. Because it doesn’t work that way in Ukraine. This is not the same as ordering delivery online and tracking it by a control number. After all, you cannot order delivery of a Ukrainian passport.

A Ukrainian passport is an official identity document of a citizen of Ukraine. There is a procedure for obtaining a Ukrainian passport. There are criteria / reasons why foreigners can obtain a passport of a citizen of Ukraine (by the way, this process is usually very bureaucratic and takes quite a long time).

The key legal instruments that regulate Ukrainian citizenship are the Law of Ukraine on the Ukrainian Citizenship and the Presidential Decree of 27 March 2001 No. 215 on some aspects of implementation of the Law on the Ukrainian Citizenship, namely the Procedure regulating proceedings on applications and submissions related to citizenship and execution of adopted decisions.

You can apply for Ukrainian passport/Acquire Ukrainian citizenship by:

  • Acquiring Ukrainian Citizenship by birth
  • Acquiring Ukrainian Citizenship by geographical place of origin

Grounds to get citizenship of Ukraine

In most cases, to become eligible for citizenship, you will need to meet six requirements.

First, you must observe the Constitution and other laws. Second, not to have citizenship of any other country or abandon it. Also, you should legally live in Ukraine for five years without interruption. In addition, you should have immigration permit, know Ukrainian language well enough to communicate, and have a legitimate source of income.

This rule has exceptions – people who can get the citizenship by a simplified procedure. These exceptions include the following categories of people: born on Ukrainian territory, children of citizens of Ukraine, children who were born in Ukraine or were found as babies here, people who had Ukrainian citizenship earlier, and disabled persons, whose guardians are citizens of Ukraine.

If it’s not your case, there’s only one explanation – it’s a scam. You paid for nothing.

Therefore, when foreigners ask us with similar questions: “track my Ukrainian passport number”, the conclusion is as follows: this is a scam. Someone in their country (most likely) promised them a Ukrainian passport for a lot of money. What can a foreigner hope for in such a scenario? Buy a fake Ukrainian passport or a Ukrainian passport with various manipulations (pasting a third-party photo, a fictitious marriage, etc.). In any case, this is a very bad idea, because it is a crime for which criminal liability is provided.