How to check girls on dating sites

How to check girls on dating sites

Fake dating profiles

Choose from girls who have been active on the dating site for the last two weeks.

You can also choose among active during the last month. But very often all these women either have already met a men or have been disappointed with online dating. She may simply loose interest and no longer needs a couple.

How to spot fake online profile on dating sites?

It depends on what these fake profiles were created for.

There are fake profiles created by dating site owners to banish various bad people: spammers, people who send suspicious files and malware. In fact, this is the reason why such profiles exist – to catch bad people. You can forever complain about them to customer service, but they will not be closed.

There are fake profiles created by users. This is how it works: a person or a group of people buys a pack of SIMcards (passport is not required to buy a SIM card in Ukraine) and register a girl’s profile for each SIMcard. And these profiles are based on real stories. Scammers use other people’s photos and talk with men on their behalf. Why are they doing this? To cheat money from men, to engage in fraud on dating sites.

In most cases, photos of real people are taken. It is extremely difficult to suspect such scams on your own without special knowledge, experience and training.

The first thing you can do to get safe and not lose money is to check the photos of the girls you like using search engines on the Internet. And, a banal search for Google images is not always enough. There are more effective ways to find a photo person online. Our company offers a service to find a person by photo on the Internet.

Second, evaluate how much she needs online dating. For example, there are many doubts if such a girl is married and happy in her marriage, has children. So, most likely, this is NOT her. If she is married or has children, it is obvious that such a woman would not share her photos on a dating site like Tinder.

Be careful when communicating

Every day, a lot of suckers come to the dating sites. They are just waiting for someone to cheat on them. So the next security rule is communication.

Be careful when the girl writes to you first. Have you seen many women who are the first to take the initiative to become your friends or communicate? She is clearly not a self-sufficient woman. Most normal girls will wait for the attention of a man (at least your like or smile).

The other girls (the suckers are convinced those other girls have pussy tickling) write to men first. When a woman writes to you first, it is almost always not normal (suspiciously). Either she doesn’t need a man but a friendly shoulder to cry on or she somehow wants to trick you and steal your money.

Confidential conversations. Yes, most men are smart, but you will not believe how far may reach fraudulent schemes with such revelations! Recently one of our clients wanted to meet one girl. Only for coffee, nothing criminal. Recently, however, the girl wrote to him that if he will not send her a certain amount of money, she would send his wife all their correspondence. And there, in real life, he has a nice family, a house, two cars … And now the guy decides whether to pay her for this blackmail or not. And he’s also no more stupid than you. He understands that if he pays so once, he will pay so always.

Careful with your personal photos and videos

You are not James Bond. Be careful with private photos and videos. You may have problems sending your photos and videos to an underage girl or asking her to share her pictures and videos with you. For her, this may just be a way to have fun with her friends, and you may have real problems with the law. Certain skills with Photoshop or similar software can make a miracle. Using your photos and videos, scammers can mount something that will compromise you and show you in a very negative light.

Even if you decide you are a genius and will delete a photo or video as soon as you submit it, remember that at the other end, someone could instantly make a copy or take a screenshot.

Stay focused and good luck!

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