How to avoid becoming a victim of fake refugees from Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed many things in the world – including the field of Internet fraud.

Until February 24, 2022, the vast majority of scams were based on online dating sites (extorting money for a passport, visa, plane ticket, etc.). What we see now is yesterday’s beauties from dating sites turned into refugees fleeing Ukraine. They ask for money to get to Poland, get a passport, sponsorship, etc. Nature abhors a vacuum.

This type of deception is particularly cynical and immoral, because millions of Ukrainians (mostly women and children) were forced to leave Ukraine, fleeing the war. People lost their relatives, houses, etc.

Many foreigners are ready to help Ukrainians. Especially when you are a single man somewhere in America and you see a photo of an attractive young girl from Ukraine. You consider this as your chance – potential romance opportunity. But no such luck! You want to help a person, but become a victim of a cynical deception instead.

Background check on Ukrainian refugees

How to protect yourself and avoid being deceived by fake refugees from Ukraine? We offer the service background check of Ukrainian refugees. This applies both to potential candidates (those who are in Ukraine and looking for a sponsor to go abroad, get a visa, etc.), and to those refugees who are already abroad. The minimum we need for such a check is the woman’s photos. Additionally, it can be a name, a copy of a passport or any other information. We can find out who she really is, her social networks, whether her passport is real, a refugee’s criminal background and much more.

Our company has been successfully checking people from Ukraine and russia since 2010. We have the necessary experience and knowledge. Our grateful clients live all over the world. These are men and women. We saved their time, nerves and money. Lots of money. We are sure that we can help you too. Don’t waste time, order a refugee check from Ukraine right now and get the result in 24 hours. Don’t be fooled.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to our Ukrainian heroes!