How to apply for Ukrainian passport for citizens in Donetsk and Lugansk war zone

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This article answers the popular questions regarding obtaining a Ukrainian passport for citizens living in the Donetsk and Lugansk military zones. The process of obtaining a Ukrainian passport is one of the most common topics for fraudsters. Many men lost money because they did not understand the issue. Read carefully to know the truth.

What are the rules for processing documents for citizens from temporary occupied territories of Ukraine (Donetsk and Lugansk regions)?

The rules for passport application/ registration of biometric documents (Ukrainian passport for traveling abroad and ID-passport) are the same for all citizens of Ukraine. These rules are approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 25, 2015 No. 302 (Ukrainian ID-passport) and dated May 7, 2014 No. 152 (Ukrainian (biometric) passport for traveling abroad).

Identification of a person is an important step in the application of any document. No one can be documented without this procedure. The decision to issue a document or to refuse its registration is made on the basis of the results of identification and verification of the person’s identity to the citizenship of Ukraine. The task of the authorities is to make sure that this person is indeed a citizen of Ukraine.

Where the documents should be applied?

Documents for application of Ukrainian (biometric) passport for traveling abroad are submitted to any division of the State migration service of Ukraine, regardless of the place of residence.

Addresses and contact details of the territorial units of the migration service operating in the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions

Department of State Migration Service in Donetsk oblast

Address: 30A Georgievska Street, Mariupol, 87515

Phone: (06273) 6-40-12, (0629) 58-73-09, (0629) 58-73-75


Department of State Migration Service in Lugansk oblast

Address: 12 Partyzanska Street, Severodonetsk, 93404

Phone: (067) 315-85-81, (097) 342-32-59


What is the deadline for paperwork to expect?

If the applicant has submitted a passport of old model (1994 model), issued in the territories occupied by Russian-terrorist troops and does not have a valid Ukrainian passport to travel abroad, which can be traced/validated in the State register, such person will be identified will be done by sending requests for information. So the identification procedure can take up to two months.

In such cases, it is not recommended to pay an increased amount of the administrative fee for the urgent processing of documents (10 working days for ID-passport and 7 working days for passport for Ukrainian biometric passport for traveling abroad).

How is identification performed?

The main way of identification is to obtain the identity information from the Ukrainian Unified State Demographic Register, which contains information about all persons who have issued new ID-passports.

If the applicant represents a Passport of citizen of Ukraine of 1994 model (passport-booklet), the identification shall be made according to the information on the person stored on paper in the files of the territorial unit of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, which issued the passport.

If there is no access to the files (actual for territories temporarily occupied by Russian-terrorist troops – ORDLO and Crimea), identification can be carried out on the information of the person according to available state and unified registers, other information bases owned by the state or enterprises, institutions and organizations.

At the same time, the State Migration service of Ukraine sends requests for information from the existing state and unified registers, information bases, files, including photos of the person, which will allow identification of the person. The verification process takes into account all information provided by the applicant.

Why the identification process cannot be done by Ukrainian passport of 1994 model (booklet)?

The passport of a Ukrainian citizen of the 1994 model is an outdated document. It can be forged even at home. That is why, at every request of the documentary person, starting from 2013, the data of the passport is verified with the data of the State Migration service of Ukraine file to which this passport was issued.

Due to the actions of Russia (the aggressor state), Ukraine has lost access to individual files, and therefore the ability to provide documentation for individual citizens who, apart from the passport of a Ukrainian citizen of the 1994 model, had no other document.

What documents are required for people whose passport where issued in the occupied territories?

There is no comprehensive list of documents, as is the obligation of the person to provide such documents. However, it should be remembered that if the documents provided do not identify the person, the migration service will be forced to refuse to issue the document.

According to the legislation of Ukraine, according to international rules of documentation, requirements for national security, security of society and every citizen, it is impossible to issue a new document for an unidentified person!

Before you visit a unit of the State Migration Service or the Center for Administrative Services, it is advisable to carefully fill out the questionnaire and bring with you documents or copies.

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