How old do you have to be to speed date

How to organize speed dating event

Speed dates already gained popularity and every day they are visited by many people. Basically, this dates  is attended by people who are engaged in study, work or other things.

But dating age stops many to visit speed dating, and lack of information, which would inform how old do you have to be to speed date.

If you look at general information, there are no specific requirements for the age. But there are different organization of such events, which put age. Optimal is from twenty years old for girls.

Such requirements are best, because in this age group girls already know what they want from a partner and life. As for men, they have to be older.

Basically, all the companies that organize speed dates pick up the same age of the participants, as their interests coincide, and the ability to find a partner is very high.

That is why, if you have not yet found a pair and haven`t been on such dates, as you do not know how old do you have to be to speed date, and if you are more than twenty, then you should not be put off, and today, please register on dates.

To let you know, many people have thus found a soul mate as speed dates are attended  by famous and self-sufficient people. And yet, those boys and girls who were unable to get close with partner, achieved new friends and business partners.

If your goal is to find a love, and you still have not visited speed dates because you did not know how old do you have to be to speed date, then we have provided you with enough information to convince you that age is not hindrance.

Also, I would like to add that if you are self-sufficient person, and you have your soul mate, but want to help others, it is possible to organize a speed dates, and hundreds of people will be grateful to you.

How to organize speed dating event

New ideas are always good if they can bring benefit not only to you but also to others. Jacob Rabbi Devo thought about this one day in the distant 1993 and organized a speed dates for busy people. When the first party was held, it has created a great effect and spread out all over the world.

Let we tell you, how to organize speed dating event and thus help others.

Firstly, you need to find the room in which it will be possible to carry out activities, you do not have to buy it, you can just rent. It can be a club, a bar, restaurant, banquet hall or other such places. In the future, it is best to rent the same room, to let people know your permanent location.

Then, create a group in the social network or website, which will provide information about your organization. It is advisable to describe everything for the new people who will go on it, they understood what was going on.

You can spend a minimum of money on advertising to tell about yourself and that more people know about you. You can order contextual advertising or SEO-promotion. Such methods would lift quickly your site tops and people who will ask for information about these dates, will be able to learn about you.

Tell briefly about the audience that visit you, give advice on how girls and men to wear on speed dates, what to say and how to behave.

Also, it would be better if you take professional presenter to your team. He will be able to get public, and briefly tell what to do.

Recommended after a call to arrange a psychological game is almost all used the game “Mafia”, it is best to show the human side, and after the entertainment arrange a small buffet.

Young people will be able to communicate with each other, and know each other better.

It is necessary to know the rules of the organization. About twenty people always present at the meetings, including ten women and ten men. Girls sitting at the tables, and the guys by turn sit to them and communicate within seven or ten minutes. At a signal from the leading guys they sit down to another table.

Если вы до этого только думали how to organize speed dating event, то теперь вам можно спокойно заниматься этим видом деятельности, так как вы поняли, что это предельно просто.

Informal atmosphere in the form of a drink reception and psychological games will help participants to get know each other.

For example, in the West and America sympathies questionnaire is used, in which participants noted the person they liked. Then the organizers view profiles and send contacts to those who suit each other.

But in the Ukraine and Russia, participants exchanged contacts during the drink reception.

On average, the cost, which participant has to pay is twenty dollars, but each organizer sets its value. It should be adjusted so that people who will go to you like the price, and you remain in positive territory after expenses.

If you have previously only thought of how to organize speed dating event, now you can safely engage in this activity, as you understand that it is extremely simple.

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