How much is a cheap smartphone in Ukraine

price of cheap smartphone in ukraine

If you feel that your new girlfriend from Ukraine is trying to steal your money to buy a new smartphone, this article will be useful for you. Hope, it’s not too late.

“Honey, buy me a smartphone so we can chat and see each other”. This is one of the most popular scams on dating sites. The woman from Ukraine convinces you that you are very interesting to her, that she thinks about you every day and can’t wait to meet you. Communication usually takes place either on paid dating sites or in messengers (WhatsApp). You can’t see her face because she claims that she still has a very old and antediluvian mobile phone. But if you send her money, she will buy a smartphone with a camera and then you will finally be able for a video chat. Of course, this is a lie and the main goal is to get an extra few hundred dollars from you. And the very fact that you cannot see her face is a red flag… But that’s not what this is about.

Smartphones in Ukraine cost less than you thought

Some time ago we consulted a gentleman in a similar situation. He thought: I will send her 200 USD and let her buy a cheap smartphone in Ukraine so that we can communicate in video chat. We explained to him that $ 200 was clearly too expensive. So how much does a cheap smartphone in Ukraine cost then?

In fact, the logic of our client from the United States can be understood. The American market is dominated by Apple smartphones with a corresponding price tag. However, the situation in Ukraine is different. As of the end of 2020, the TOP smartphone brands in Ukraine look like this: Xiaomi – 40%, Samsung – 25%, Huawei – 16%, ZTE – 4%, Oppo – 4%. As you can see, the Apple brand is not on this list at all.

As for the cost of cheap smartphones of the Xiaomi brand in Ukraine, it is many times lower than Apple smartphones (despite their quite acceptable quality). Their cheapest versions start from 100 USD. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a used Apple smartphone in Ukraine, its price starts from 65 USD only.

If a girl from Ukraine you met on the dating site does not have a smartphone, it’s a wake-up call. A young attractive Ukrainian woman without a smartphone is as rare as a cool party without a hangover in the morning.

The best thing you can do before sending her any money is contact us. “Guys, can you verify this woman? Is she legit?” We will consult you, check her and give a professional assessment. You will save time, money and sleep soundly.