How long does it take to get a Ukrainian Passport?

issuance time Ukrainian passport

For several years now, Ukrainians have been enjoying a visa-free regime with EU countries. To travel, Ukrainians need only one document – a passport to travel abroad. This article goes on to say how long does it take to make a Ukrainian biometric passport to travel abroad.

Period for issuing the document

Ideally, passport applications are considered within no more than 20 working days from the date of filing/ submission of documents.

Exception: in case of urgent issuance (at the request of a person) – up to 7 working days. In this case, the cost of state duties and services doubles.

Ukrainian passport can be issued within three working days if:

  • the trip is related to the immediate care of the leaving person;
  • the trip is associated with the departure of a person accompanying a seriously ill person;
  • death of a relative who lived abroad

However, realistic time frame for the issuance of passports, unfortunately, is sometimes very different from the above. Especially because of the war and COVID.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip, get ready for the fact that it will most likely not be possible to get a passport urgently. The document (Ukrainian passport) should be taken care of in advance.

How to spot a fake Ukrainian passport

There can be various situations when you need to check if Ukrainian passport is real or fake. Here are few:

  • check a girl from dating site;
  • check a potential business partner from Ukraine;
  • check a person from Ukraine claiming to be a refugee;
  • other cases.

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