How do I check if a woman from Ukraine is really pregnant?

woman from Ukraine pregnant

So you’ve met a woman from Ukraine, spent some time together. Now she returned to Ukraine and claims to be pregnant. Furthermore, she’s sending you some medical records (reports) and ultrasound in Ukrainian or Russian. She threatens lawsuits if you not send her money.

That’s all it is, it’s stress. You have doubts about her claims; you want to check her documents. You want to make sure if the doctor is treating her, if she’s in hospital… You need to know if she’s telling the truth.

This is something very important, because a lady can deceive you, manipulate the facts and simply scam you.

We can help you in this alarming situation. We have the necessary knowledge and experience.

We’ll analyze your case and offer an action plan. The woman will not know anything about this check.

We will find a qualified doctor who could verify the authenticity of her words, ultrasound, any kind of medical reports and so on. This way, you will know if her words are true.

If you are interesting in our services, please contact us right now. We’re ready to hit the ground running the weirdest cases.