How dating scammers act and how to avoid becoming a victim of dating scammers

How dating scammers act

Scammers on dating sites are more common than princes and princesses. Everyone can become a victim of a fraud, no matter if you are a young girl or a grow man. Criminals carefully choose victims among those who seek love and easily apply their schemes to gullible users of dating services. Many times, along with a belief in sincerity and a brighter future, people lose money and even their own reputation. How to recognize a swindler on dating website and not be cheated read in this article.

How dating scammers act

Most of the times, online dating scammers act predictable. Before taking a victim for a ride they test the waters and choose the most gullible from dozens of candidates. It is easiest to trick naive people into doing what the scammers want.

First of all, the swindler throws the bait – sends a message about herself, creating the image of a perfect partner for a relationship. At this stage, she singles out those who are ready to be deceived.

Having received a response to a stereotyped message, the swindler tries to get into trust as quickly as possible and play on the victim’s flared feelings. This is an essential step in any internet scam. Deception of women is based on the typical image of the ideal husband. He is often good-looking, healthy, successful and incredibly romantic. Marriage swindlers pose as provincial simpletons. They are pretty and already see in the victim a potential husband.

In the correspondence on the dating site, the scammer tries to find out as much as possible about the object. Most of all she is interested in financial situation. Scammers do not ask directly about the salary or other income. They will ask how often you travel, with whom you live, how much you spend. Your photos on dating site can tell a lot about you. Gold jewelry, a beautiful house and a nice car in the background tell a lot more about you than yourself.

Having become almost a familiar person for you, the swindler begins to act. Any of her steps will go against the general plans. No person in love is capable of acting calmly and reasonably under stress. This is what scammers need – to disorient the victim in order to quickly take the required amount of money. Online dating scammers have many ways to get what they want.

Popular methods of deception on dating sites

Sudden illness

This old method of scam does not lose its relevance today. It is very difficult for any person to refuse help. Especially when it comes to a potential soul mate. Often, swindlers do not shy away from the most terrible and difficult situations, telling stories about fictional oncology or injuries. All stories have one thing in common – they need money that is not there. Fraudsters or suddenly announced relatives are asking for financial assistance. Needless to say that the swindler after a magical way heals and disappears? Do not be afraid to refuse and the scammer will lose interest in you.

Financial difficulties

Even if the future partner, according to her, owns millions, this does not mean that she does not need a couple of thousand from you. There can be a lot of reasons – sudden blocking of accounts, problems with the law, exceeding the limits for transfers. In any case, they promise to return everything back even with interest! Few can resist the double benefit of helping a loved one and getting a cash bonus. And the ending is always the same: the scammer deletes her profile and no longer gets in touch. The solution is the same: do not settle for such sponsorship.

Coming to meet you

Sooner or later, the topic of a real meeting arises in correspondence. Despite the unwillingness of a potential husband / wife to communicate through video, your love will dream of a real date! In one of the cheating options, you will be asked to transfer money for a ticket or pay for a hotel. The excuse can be either financial necessity or lack of necessary currency. Be careful. Offer to make a reservation by yourself. A fraudster would refuse such a generous gesture.


Who among us doesn’t like surprises? Swindlers often invite grooms or brides to send gifts. As bait, they choose a new iPhone or expensive jewelry that the person himself cannot afford. The victim is only required to pay for shipping. Compared to the cost of the gift, the amount of shipping seems insignificant, so this does not arouse suspicion and people willingly send money to someone unknown. As much as the temptation is, find the strength to refuse the gift.


Blackmail in the Internet is perhaps the most stressful scenario that can rob you of money, nerve cells, work, and even home. Swindlers who choose this method are very willing to make contact and, contrary to expectations, ask for a video meeting by themselves. In the process of communication, in every possible way they try to get from you intimate photos or to shoot a compromising video. If this fails, then Photoshop is used. At one point, everything changes: you get shocking content and threats that your friends, work colleagues or even the entire residential area will see the pictures. You have to pay for maintaining your reputation more than once. If this has already happened, be proactive – post on social networks that your profile has been hacked and do not give fraudsters a chance to get money from you.

How to avoid becoming a victim of dating scammers

A few simple steps will help you identify scammers on dating sites:

1. Other people’s photos. Scammers rarely use their own pictures to attract attention. Most often these are stock images, which can be easily found using an image search in Google. Try to use it. We offer a service of search of person in Internet by photo.

2. Sign or video. If you were unable to find a person from a picture on the Internet, offer to send a photo with an unusual gesture or a special inscription on a piece of paper – a sign. Please note that Photoshop makes a miracle. If you are not an expert, it’s still a good idea to contact us and do a scam check. Another option to check if the girl is real is a video call. Call her on Skype or other messanger.

3. «Black list». Check blacklists of scammers on dating sites or use third-party services. Such databases of scammers are updated daily with information about new methods of deception and the “legends” of swindlers. Perhaps you will recognize a potential wife in one of the scammers. Check out our black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating scammers.

4. Antiplagiarism. Most scammers do not want to waste their time writing personalized messages to their victims. Take advantage of this omission and check the candidate’s greeting message for hand and heart with anti-plagiarism services. Revealed matches can lead you to sites with a list of famous scammers.

5. Stay alert. Remember that it can be dangerous to provide personal information about yourself. Do not rush to share links to your profile on social networks, do not take candid photos and do not send pictures with documents, even if your love does not believe that you are 18. Do not forget that bank details are confidential information. If the person shows a suspicious interest in your money, shut down communication.

These basic safety rules will help you find love on the Internet and not become a victim of scam.

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