How Chinese men marry Ukrainian women

Hundreds of men from China come to Ukraine in search of women.

One Chinese businessman, looking for his wife, went on 80 dates at home, but they all ended in nothing. The 29-year-old resident of East China’s Jiangsu Province met his bride in Ukraine.

A 19-year-old girl from Ukraine has already moved to China, learning Chinese and preparing for marriage.

The history of this master is not uncommon. Although it is difficult to calculate the number of such Ukrainian-Chinese couples, the increasing interest of Chinese men to women from Ukraine is being reported in marriage agencies in both Ukraine and China.

How do Ukrainian women attract men from China, why the Chinese are looking for a couple so far from home and how in China they treat Ukrainian women.

China needs women

In China, the number of men is higher than that of women because of the long-standing policy of one child in the family. Often in China, parents preferred boys, and when they found out that a girl would be born, they had an abortion.

As a result, Chinese scientists estimate that by 2020, there will be 30 million more single men in China than women seeking a couple.

While poorer rural men are trying to find women in neighboring Vietnam, wealthier Chinese men who can afford it are traveling in search of wives to the West.

This is a sign of status that they can afford. Previously, interracial marriage was not common among the Chinese. More often, Western men married Chinese. However, Chinese men now have more power and money.

Having a “tall blonde” is now considered “prestigious” in China.

Why Ukrainian women?

Why do Chinese men go looking for women to Ukraine and how do they perceive Ukrainian women in Chinese society?

“On the street, in the subway, and in the store, they come up and say – what a beautiful person you are, they ask you to take a photo, even if I am completely without makeup,” – tells her about her experience of living in the Macau region of China, the Ukrainian Anna.

“Ukrainians are beautiful girls who do not have to pay money for marriage, who will love and respect and clean up at home. And who are very happy to leave Ukraine.” Another Ukrainian woman who spent four years in Shanghai faced this attitude towards Ukrainian women.

Chinese men can try to find their “true love” in Ukraine, because: they will not have to pay the bride’s family a penny. There is simply no such tradition in Ukraine.

In China, it is stated that during the marriage, the husband pays the bride’s family a certain amount and must have housing for the future family.

In China, Ukrainian women are indeed considered very attractive, although there are prejudices because of stereotypes about Ukrainian women’s involvement in prostitution.

Marriages Ukrainians with the Chinese. What is the number of such marriages?

Ukrainian girls are increasingly marrying foreigners, and this is a sign of the times.

If in 2002 there were 10 thousand such marriages, then in 2017 already 14 thousand citizens of Ukraine have dealt with foreigners. However, this is only 6% of all marriages in the country.

The reason is globalization, in particular, that Ukrainians have begun to travel the world more and foreigners are more likely to come to Ukraine.

There is a tendency to marry foreigners as there are more opportunities for dating. Sometimes the desire to marry a foreigner is a basic need for security.

Ukrainian women are just looking for a better life, now China is an economic boom, some Ukrainians are changing their habits, culture and moving. There are both happy and difficult cases.

Although the number of marriages with Chinese people remains low now, the trend is obvious: this figure is growing rapidly.

According to the Institute of Demography, in 2002 there were 28 such marriages, and in 2017 citizens of Ukraine and China have already made 90 marriages.

In most cases, these are marriages between Ukrainian women and Chinese men, sociologists say.

However, it is only about marriages registered in Ukraine, and how many were in China or other countries is unknown.

In 2017, about 11 million couples were married in China, 250 thousand in Ukraine.

How do Ukrainian women perceive Chinese men?

The fact that Chinese are increasingly looking for brides in Ukraine, is also said in marriage agencies. But how do Ukrainian girls treat Chinese men?

The owner of a marriage agency, which has been operating in Ukraine for over 20 years, recently dealt with two agencies from China, for which Ukrainian women were selected.

A woman says that, from her experience, Ukrainians are cautious about dating Chinese:

“Attitudes toward men from the Far East are very cautious because of the difference in mentality; they have no common themes. Sometimes Ukrainian girls are outspoken with Chinese men, and there are even some manifestations of racism.”

There is a story about a 40-year-old businessman from China, whose meetings with Ukrainian women have not yet produced the desired result for him. His search is ongoing.

“The Chinese have high expectations of girls – to be with Mother Teresa’s character and appearance of the model. In order not to go anywhere and have children,” – these are often the requirements that clients from China make to Ukrainian women.

The owner of another Ukrainian marriage agency, which has been working in Kiev for over 16 years, tells about the fears of Ukrainian women to get acquainted with citizens from Asian countries. Thanks to this mediation, dozens of men and women who announce their questionnaires get to know each year. The agency has an average of five weddings a year. However, there have been no marriages with Chinese citizens lately.

“It’s not about the country, it’s about finding your own man. But for Ukrainian girls among foreigners, Europe is most interesting – Germans, Swiss, Spaniards.”

Agencies say that sometimes, when a Chinese man marries a Ukrainian woman, his friends also turn their attention to this country.

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