Green card marriage

Green card marriage process

The procedure for the marriage registration to a foreigner

Future marrieds personally hand in an application to the register office, the example of which is established by the legislation. Applicants choose the register office independently, in which the application will be submitted. If the foreigner cannot be present for a valid reason, it is necessary to perform some operations in order to achieve green card marriage:

– signature in the application is notarized;
– the application is submitted by representative, who acts according to a notarized power of attorney.

1. The Civil Registry Office accepts the application and familiarizes the applicants with the rights and obligations of the marrieds, the procedure for the marriage registration, duty to report reliable information, and the consequences of the provision of false information.

2. The Civil Registry Office informs the applicants about their right to be medically examined in order to recognize the state of health. With the consent of the bride and groom, they are given a referral blank with approved form. There is a mark in the application and vital record about the consent or refusal to undergo medical examination.
3. In agreement with the applicants The Civil Registry Office appoints wedding day. According to a general rule, the marriage registration to a foreigner carried out after 1 month after the submission of the application. If there is any valid reason confirmed by documents, the registration is carried out before the expiry of the monthly term.

4. The marriage registers in the presence of both applicants.
Thus, in order to achieve green card marriage in Ukraine, the marriage registration to a foreigner implements with the general rules for the Ukrainian citizens.

The procedure becomes more complicated by the need to provide supporting documents.
It is desirable to refer to the specialist in order to compose a package of documents. It will save the time, energy and facilities. Firstly, documents must pass the legalization, i.e. to achieve the recognition in the state of registration. Secondly, documents must be translated into Ukrainian, which allows The Civil Registry Office to assess the content.

Specialist should determine such moments in order to achieve green card marriage:
• in which country implement the legalization of documents (Ukraine or the country of foreigner);
• necessary way of the documents legalization;
• the procedure of the document’s translation.

Green card marriage process

In some cases the wedding is held in a foreign country. Often this choice of the wedding place is connected with a desire of the bride and groom to give a romantic atmosphere to the event and to bring the exotic. But besides pleasure moments they can face with the list of organizational problems.

It is desirable to find out in advance the rules of marriage abroad, as it directly affects the green card through marriage.

In such a case, it is necessary to clearly know the body that will carry out the registration of the marriage. However, generally speaking, it is possible to determine the approximate package:
– international passport;
– birth certificate (in some countries, it has equal importance as a passport document);
– certificate of no impediment to marriage of a foreigner (confirms the absence of other person`s marriage at the time of registration)

If a person was previously married, it will be needed: bill of divorce; adjudgment (if it was a judicial dissolution of marriage because of the presence of the children of minority age in the family); document on the name change (if the person after the divorce has left the spouse’s surname).

In some cases, such documents for marriage and the green card through marriage may be necessary:
• certificate of citizenship;
• certificate of no criminal record;
• certificate of residence registration;
• health certificate;
• parent`s birth certificate and (or) or parent`s marriage certificate;
• written parental permission to marriage (typical for Muslim countries).

If the future spouse`s state enters the list of the Hague Convention countries of 1961, then documents are affixed by apostille. Otherwise, the consular legalization is required (except countries, which have signed further international agreements with Ukraine). A notarized translation of documents is required.

Leaving abroad for marriage, a person arranges normal tourist visa or a special, so-called fiance visa. In some countries, it is required to abidance by the additional terms for the marriage, for example, reside in the country for a certain period. It is quite possible not only the presentation of a large amount of bureaucratic requirements, but also unmotivated refusal of the marriage registration.

To avoid complexity, it is better to refer to specialists, who have a relevant experience in the management of marriage procedures abroad.

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