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Today we will talk about another method to find love – fast dates. This is an effective alternative to a long evening spent on dating sites or social networks.

May 7 minutes are not enough for a person to reveal the whole story about himself, but you can still assess the prospects of possible relationships. What kind of service is it, is it worth to place great hopes on it, how to choose the organizer and how to prepare to participate?

Blitz-dating was invented in the West specially for very busy people, who do not have enough time for ordinary people in public places.

The initiative appeared in our country very quickly. This format allows quick meeting for one evening to meet with 10-15 men. Imagine: you do not like the guy, it take seven minutes, and you have a new young man in front of you. Moreover, he is the who is in an active search. Convenient, is it not?

How is the night?

The event usually takes place in some nice place, for example, in a cafe, club, restaurant or even the reading room of the library. Everything will depend on the cost of the admission ticket.

If after the event an additional party is planned, than the cost increases. Learn about the upcoming evening at the following websites of the organizers, in social networks, on a mail or phone, where you can ask all your questions.

Ten men and women (they are selected strictly in a certain age group from 18-20 years to 35 years, where men are always on the 2-3 years older) couples are seated at the tables.

It is given seven minutes to communicate with each interlocutor. After this time the guys change their seat to another table. It turns out the effect of a sort of speed-carousel-dating.

Each participant has a “sympathy card”, in which he notes the name of the pleasant interlocutor. More expensive events may include the subsequent reception, informal communication or intellectual game, such as “Mafia”. And only after that all the participants on speed dating organizers hand over their sympathy card.

In case of coincidence of sympathy during one day participants receive SMS with the contacts of liked participants.

Think of several topics of conversation

Express-dates – it is, above all, «speed talk dating», that is, the main king of the evening is communication. At such events, as a rule, there are no rules as  who should start and maintain a conversation.

At the very least, in order to the prospect of spending an evening in the silence do not smile you, stock a few “interesting blanks.”

Choose the ones that interest to you, but not highly specialized, but, so to speak, of the mass culture. Traveling, pets, cinema novelties, hobby, cooking hobby, sport, music – all permissible topics for communication.

How to look at a single speed dating?

Chooses on the basis of the place where will be held the evening.

The organizers do not put strict framework regarding the appearance (perhaps as a classic image and style casual), but it is in your interest not only look good but also feel comfortable, confident. Be yourself, easy, relaxed, joke and flirt. This is for what we go to single speed dating!

Remember that even if (which is unlikely) nobody liked you, this will know only the organizers of the party and no one else. Take with you a good mood, open, sincere smile and a desire to communicate with interesting people.

How to choose the organizer?

View the group of the speed dating organizer in the social network: it is good if it has been administrating for years, and there you can read reviews and already past parties. Choose a site that offers the most detailed profile. In this way candidates pass more serious selection.

Some companies offer also individual dates. You can choose from a database the guy you like, and in the case of inverse interest organizers arrange you a date.

If you like to take the initiative in your hands, choose the organizers that allow you to exchange contacts in familiarity with the interlocutor. Record in a group of up to 10 people. In practice, it appears that the dates, which attended by more than 10 pairs at the same time are too noisy, bustling and uncomfortable.

And even if at the speed dating you will not find a soul mate, this will be a positive experience and interesting pastime. It is possible that there you will find good friends, associates or business partners, with whom spend many more times in seven minutes.

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