Free government passport check won’t verify your Ukrainian passport

Free Ukrainian passport check on the government website will not help to verify the passport

Free Government Service for Checking Ukrainian Passports

On Google, you can find a free Ukrainian government website that checks Ukrainian passports. It’s run by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. It seems like an easy and free way to solve the issue.

This is a secure government service that helps you find lost or stolen Ukrainian passports.

However, this service won’t verify a specific passport copy. It only checks if the passport series and number are reported as lost or stolen. For example, if the passport number you check isn’t in the database, you’ll get a result like “Passport XX 000000: not found among stolen or lost.” This might not be very helpful.

For example, we tested a random (non-existent) Ukrainian passport number “KŠ® 139073.” The system responded with, “Passport KŠ® 139073: not found among stolen and lost passports.” This only means the number isn’t reported lost or stolen; it doesn’t confirm the passport is valid.

Comprehensive Verification Services

The most common way to fake Ukrainian passports is by altering them in Photoshop or similar programs. Scammers use real passport series but change other details like the photo, date of birth, and place of birth. You can’t verify this data with the free government service.

Free online checks won’t give you a quick and thorough result. While you might save money on verification, you risk missing a scam.

Our inspections are comprehensive. We analyze the document’s appearance, watermarks, and all the data. We verify if the person exists and can even find their social media profiles. Details matter, like different document designs and watermarks used at different times. Without expertise, you can’t properly check a Ukrainian passport.

Our verification results include step-by-step reasons why the document is real or fake. We also answer any additional questions.

Our company has the skills, tools, and experience. Since 2010, we’ve checked over 2,000 Ukrainian and Russian passports for our clients. Our checks aren’t free, but they give you an accurate answer about whether the passport is real or fake.

You can trust us. Check a Ukrainian passport now.