Fraud with Ukrainian or Russian passport and American visa

Fake US visa in fake Russian passport dating fraud

A new type of scam on dating sites, which is now becoming popular is when using Ukrainian or Russian passport and a US visa.  

The lady you meet on the dating site lets you know that you are extremely lucky, because she already has a Ukrainian or Russian passport and an American visa. No need to spend extra on a passport, no need to wait for a US visa. Everything is READY and just waiting for you to take it.

After that, the level of your enthusiasm goes beyond, you already imagine a close meeting, etc.

But there is a small nuance. She claims that during the customs control she needs to show that she has the finances for the time of her stay in the USA for as long as you invite her. Actually, this is deception / fraud.

She will say: My love, if I go to you for two weeks, I have to show at customs at least 100 dollars a day. Nothing less than 1,400 dollars. Please send me this amount so I can show it to customs. This is just a formality required by the customs. Darling, when I come to you, I will definitely return this amount to you. I’m an honest girl.

As soon as you send her this money, the girl will disappear.

The fact is that both her passport and her US visa are fake. Most likely, the lady, her pictures and her legend is nothing more than a fiction. So you automatically lose at least $ 1,500.

To avoid such a tragic end, use our services. Verify your Ukrainian or Russian date to make sure she’s legit. We offer to check Ukrainian passport, Russian passport as well as US visa. In addition, we’re able to identify a person by picture(s) so you can find out who’s that person on the pictures she sent you. There are algorithms that allow us to perform this search accurately.

In the meantime, stay safe and be smart.