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victim of online fraud

We are starting to forget how we lived and dispensed with such a mighty helper, as the Internet. Since its coming, our life has become easier, we can do everything from the comfort of home and spend less time searching and buying.

But the more network grows, the more dangers waiting for us there. Today, there are different types of Internet – fraud, but one of the most common – is a fraud online shopping sites.

This method has become urgent, as almost all products are bought through the Internet. And we all know, the more popular services, the more people trying to earn illegally.

Let’s try to understand more how do the fraud online shopping sites work.

This method is very easy for confident network user or the person who can develop such a strategy. All hope lies on the unsuspecting buyer who will not bother and will buy the product without checking the site.

So, firstly a copy of the site of any known store is created and goods at the price of the original are delivered. But this is the easiest way, because by ordering the goods, you will get it, but not quality. But the most common deception is where you list the money for the goods to the seller and the product does not come to you.

Buying something through the Internet, you must pay attention to things like this:

– A real store should have a quality and colorful design;

– These resources offer discounts and promotions;

– Well-written description of the goods;

– Description of the goods does not have errors;

– Any store provides the ability to post reviews.

These seem minor points will help you to avoid fraud online shopping sites.

There are other ways, but not everyone will deal with them, but if you care about quality of the goods, and you value your money, then this method that we describe below is more effective for verification.

Before you make a purchase online, make sure that the store is in good standing. You can do this due to reviews that leave customers. If enter the store name in the search engine, and if it is real, it may show different responses. If it has no reviews, this time you should alert.

It is important to know that any store has a feedback, a real store is interested in this, because this point raises the store’s reputation.

Another important factor is the location of the store. Almost every company has an official representative, so that in case of any misunderstanding you could solve all problems in the main office.

And the last way to verify the authenticity of the storeĀ  is to check it through online check resources.

The latter method is the most reliable, but not everyone will be able to use it. If you are not confident user, then the above methods will help you to identify fraud.

Victim of online fraud

Just we have told you how not to get to the scam in the network. And now we’ll show you how many people because of their gullibility and vigilance has suffered in the World Wide Web.

Basically victim of online fraud are novice users or newcomers, but it happens that experienced users also get to scam tricks.

After all, today is not only the Internet – shops have come up with fraud, but also many other resources.

Such sites present throughout the network, and to distinguish them from the real one is very difficult. But according to our opinion victim of online fraud are people who are trying to save or do not know how to behave on the Internet.

Unfortunately, criminal responsibility does not stop cheaters to do illegal actions, as they are almost impossible to find.

Every day you can read many comments of people who are victims of fraud with a large or small sum of money. But any lawyer in this situation will send you to the police or the prosecutor’s office.

Of course, you can write a statement, but if it helps you, it is another question. According to statistics, crimes such as online frauds, are practically not disclosed, because our bodies don`t have enough information where to find the criminals. Because of this a bunch of unsolved cases are stored in their archives.

The numbers of victims of fraud increase every day, and if you do not want to fall in their number, remember some tips.

  1. Study the ratings of sites;
  2. Try to check out the resource through services;
  3. If this is a store, then find out if it does a return;
  4. Any shop offers several payment methods, including cash;
  5. Electronic site address is not registered on the free services;
  6. Ask your acquaintances in order to confirm the integrity of the site;
  7. Buy goods only in the audited stores that sell well-known brands;
  8. This web – resource always advertises itself.

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