Fraud in Ukraine

Credit card fraud in Ukraine

Ukrainians, as well as other nationalities, susceptible to fraud on the network very often, but at the same time create different kinds of deception. Growth of enemies is growing every day, this is due to development of the Internet and the reluctance, to earn money by honest work.

Let’s look at what types of fraud in Ukraine are the most popular.

  1. The Internet – shops.
  2. Phishing.
  3. Vishing.
  4. Charity.
  5. Marriage scam.
  6. Credit Cards.

Internet – shops

Nowadays, with the advent of Internet technology, we are increasingly starting to buy products online. This method of shopping is very convenient, because it does not need to spend time on a trip to the store. But despite the convenience, such purchases do not always bring pleasure.

Many attackers come up with ways on how to earn it. For example, create a website or simply an ad on free sites, which allegedly sold brand-name products at a very low price.

Man therefore interested in the product and call the following number or write to the author ads. In most cases, the so-called seller requests an advance payment for the goods in full or in part. After the transfer of money your “seller” is lost or no longer makes contact.

To avoid trouble, order only proven shops. And if you decided to buy a product from a private seller, you first move to help him.


In other words, such fraud in Ukraine is called fishing. The main task of the fraudster to get to you, your personal information.

Their actions are very simple, cybercriminals send out a letter on behalf of the bank or payment system. The recipient is invited to click on the link in the email and enter your details in the form to fill out.

As soon as you will go through this step, your information will fall into the hands of fraudsters.

To avoid this problem, you can, but we must be attentive to the letters you receive. No bank and payment system will never send you a letter of this type. It is necessary to carefully review address, since the difference may be a single character.


A system of this kind divorce is almost the same as in the previous example. The difference is that the scammers do not write you a letter and call. Represent the bank employee and asked to dictate your data, until the pin code.

Remember, the bank employees will never ask for this information. And if you call, just ignore this call.


Fraudsters create copies on charity websites and thus lure money. Also send text messages and emails to an email.

If you want to help people in need, visit the children’s homes, hospitals, or contact the public organizations. But never transfer money to unknown citizens.

marriage fraud

Many people who are in search of their halves, often turn to online dating sites to find that unique.

Attackers seize this moment and create the online profile of unreal girls. Beautiful girls attract foreigners and start writing.

“Russian Beauty” first talk, and then begin to ask for money. The reason for this, they are very much. Their main problem is seriously ill relatives. Also talk about the plight of, the lack of work.

Very often overseas suitors blindly believe what they are told and send large amounts to their accounts. When the goal is reached, and the money obtained “bride” disappear.

Protect yourself, you can not just get acquainted in a network, and if this happens, carefully watch what she says and does not send money.

Credit card fraud in Ukraine

It is considered a very common method, since it is very easy to “earn” a decent amount. Ways to do this there are many, because people with each passing day, more and more use cards.

Earlier, we talked about a method of credit card fraud in Ukraine, phishing. It is the most common and easy.

It is also often possible to get on this type of divorce by means of calculation in institutions or on the network. The intruders are interested in your personal information.

A very common way for today – is when you pay with the card in the store, and at this time are debited from your card data is stored and cvv – code.

This occurs so the seller holds the card once and said that the system issued a denial, and conducts a second time.

So the first time the money written off, and the second time – your personal data.

To protect yourself from credit card fraud in Ukraine, try not to give into the hands of the seller card, and if it is impossible not to be calculated in such stores. It is also recommended to stick cvv – code.

Because in our time so many ways of fraud, be careful in everything, and you’ll avoid trouble.

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