How to avoid fraud by making fake passports

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We write a lot about the fact that the government in the pursuit of money resort to destructive measures such as the creation of currency and tax increases.

Unfortunately, this is only a small part of what they are.

With increasing their desperation, the government is always and everywhere resorted to such measures as a destructive policy, price control, control over people, currency devaluation, confiscation, nationalization and making fake passports.

Pretty simple connection. The greater the financial health deteriorates, the more destructive measures taken by the Government. And the greater the demand for products such as foreign bank accounts and second passports.

This is the essence of political risk. It is no secret that the political risk is increasing in many parts of the world, particularly in the US, where the costs of military operations still as high. This is the same in the West talk about Russia, although sometimes it seems that Russia remains the last major democratic country.

This trend has led to skyrocketing interest in the topic of producing making fake passports, because people are looking for ways to minimize the risk of dependence on native government. The reasons for obtaining a second passport is quite obvious: it’s security, and the opportunity to travel and invest.

Naturally, this also led to skyrocketing popularity of fraudulent organizations allegedly issuing a second passport, which is very well disguised.

If you decide to get a second passport, you definitely need to ensure its legality. Unfortunately, it is impossible to obtain a passport inexpensive and quick. But this does not diminish the need for this.

Some scams, such as sales of making fake passports obvious (though also has its own nuances). Others include black markets, which is less obvious, but no less dangerous.

If you fall into the trap, then you are likely to be a big problem. Your goal should be the reverse: to minimize the problems and opportunities.

We recommend you to go with the black and gray markets passports as well as with occasional requests to send money to some Nigerians who you do not know: run from such people.

Differences between the actual and false document

Passports on the black market is absolutely illegal: they are not genuine and they are not officially published. This also applies to the stolen, copied, and false passports. Such passports are mostly run by crime organization and espionage agencies. Although it is possible that in the search of legal second passport you will stumble on the black market.

False document with the gray market on the other hand are more widespread and more like the real thing, which increases the importance of the identification of them.

These passports have been issued officially, but by bribery, in order to circumvent the normal naturalization. Usually the offerer of the services say that he has a “special friend” in foreign governments that can help get your passport quicker and easier than officially.

Regardless of the country, you can refer to specific laws for naturalization with clearly specified requirements that explain everything. This information is usually located on the site of the local government or at the consulate website.

Gray passports – costs far outweigh the benefits

Potential problems that can bring a false document with the gray market, far outweigh the potential benefits.

At a time when governments around the world have electronic databases, silly rely on the fact that you can hide for a long time with a fake passport. The implications of such a passport severe in almost all countries of the world.

Gray passport can remain in effect for a certain amount of time, but there is always the risk of their maturity, when the authorities realize that the necessary procedures have not been followed, or when a “special friend” will get in prison. In any case, it is almost impossible to extend the black or gray passport.

How to distinguish offers false document?

As always, if something is too good to be true, it usually is. Here are a few points that you should pay attention.

As the experts advise, the best way to detect the gray passport – it yourself to make sure that the approval of the passport seller agree with the requirements of local authorities. If you can not, then you definitely have to deal with the seller gray passports.

It is also important to ensure that the information provided to you enough fresh. Naturalization and options are often changed requirements. For example, Belize had earlier program for the acquisition of citizenship, but now he does not offer it.

Apart from these options, as marriage to a citizen of the country estate of the ancestors in this country or other circumstances, citizenship usually takes 5 years. There are countries in which it is possible to be naturalized in less time, but they are few.

In order to be naturalized, almost every country has a complex process that includes verification of the last candidate for citizenship or permanent residence, and the adult members of his family. If the process of applying for citizenship too simple, it should also raise suspicion.

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