Foreigners massively looking for wives in Kiev and matchmakers ask 100$ for a meeting with a wealthy foreigner

foreign grooms come to kiev to get marry

Foreigners are interested in young and beautiful Kiev city woman. And some women are willing to pay for a happy future

The beauty of Ukrainian girls advertised during Euro 2012 has increased the number of marriages in Ukraine. Foreign grooms literally attack Kiev. The number of proposals from them to “get merry with Ukrainian girl” or “marrying someone from Ukraine” on dating sites has increased tenfold. However, matchmakers also appeared here, offering Kiev women themselves to pay 100 US dollars for a wedding with a wealthy foreigner.


Men from France, Finland, England, the USA, Germany, Poland, Italy began throwing Ukrainian dating sites with ads: “I am looking for a beautiful slender girl from Ukraine for serious relationships and marriage” or “A man from Europe for marriage”. All of them are over 35 years old, and they all write about money, saying they’re wealthy.

“Interested in meeting a Ukrainian woman of 28–42 years old to start a family and have children. She can have one child. I have my own business” – writes a 52-year-old groom from Germany. The man said that he began searching for his wife in Kiev after friends told how beautiful Ukrainian women are. “I’m a widower, I have my own child, but I want to get married again. In Ukraine, women can create coziness, very affectionate, so I decided to find a wife here,” the German said.

And the 47-year-old businessman Jeff from the USA is looking for a soul mate in Kiev because the press wrote what good traditions are in Ukraine. “Women from Ukraine besides being beautiful, they know how to cook, they are good,” he told.


Among the mass of proposals for acquaintances with foreigners, there are announcements from Kiev match-makers. Those under the guise of a foreigner write what kind of bride they are looking for. “To contact Jacob from Zurich, you first need to meet with me,” matchmaker Tamara told us. According to the woman, she lives in Kiev, once worked in a marriage agency, and now for herself. “Without an agency, it’s much easier, I introduce those people who are just right for each other, since I’m also a psychologist,” the matchmaker praised us. And then she said that they would have to pay 100 USD for cooperation with her – 50 USD right away and 50 before the wedding with a foreigner: “I take an advance payment so that women take this seriously.” Marriage agencies of Ukraine are waiting for an influx of foreigners.

Is it safe to travel to Kiev

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