Find a dating scammer by name

Nearly every day we receive requests from men around the world if we know “this” name. Check a scammer by name is the same as find that needle in the haystack. In this article we will explain why.

Inventing a name on the Internet is very simple. Today you can be Natasha, tomorrow you can become Maria etc. This rule also applies to email addresses. Dating scammers rarely use the same name.

ukrainian false passports same person different names photoshop find person by name

Look at the image of two Ukrainian passports. Pure Photoshop work. First she is Didenko, next she becomes Malovana. The name itself can be changed hundreds of times. They use a scheme/template of deceptions and simply put a different legend.

To spot dating a scammer the name itself is not enough

Pitcairn Islands is a group of islands in the southern Pacific Ocean that form the sole British Overseas Territory in the Pacific Ocean. As of January 2020, there were 43 permanent inhabitants. Well, Ukraine is not Pitcairn. The current population of Ukraine is 43 + millions of people. Which means the name itself is NOT enough.

It’s sad to admit, but often scammers are smarter than their victims. They do not stand still and constantly invent new ways of deception. They false passports, use pictures of other people etc. So you should not be naive, but prepare the necessary set of information to detect a scammer (check potential scammer).

How can we help you to spot a dating scammer by name?

We need a certain combination of information. For example:

This set of information allows us to search for a person in databases and compare whether such a person really exists. We have the necessary experience and knowledge.

Such a set of information creates the specific connections. It is no longer just a name, but a name connected to something that cannot be invented (facts). And even if the address, passport or photos are fake, it gives a clear idea that this is a scam.