Useful financial information for those who leave Ukraine during martial law

financial tips leaving Ukraine martial law

Preparing to leave Ukraine

How much money I’m allowed to withdraw in Ukraine per day during martial law?

You can withdraw US dollars or Euros from your foreign currency account in Ukraine. Possible is the amount of up to 30 thousand UAH equivalent to a day. Allowed limit is an equivalent of 30 thousand UAH per day. Let’s say you have an account in USD. So you can withdraw a little more than a thousand dollars a day. If the account is in Euros, you can withdraw about 900 Euros a day.

The official exchange rate of Ukrainian Hryvnia to the US dollar is 29,25 UAH/1$, the exchange rate of Hryvnia to the Euro is 33,07 UAH/1 EUR (as for 29.03.2022).

How do I buy USD or EUR in Ukraine during martial law?

The purchase of foreign currency is prohibited (the ban is effective from February 24, 2022). Exceptions: purchase of currency in bank branches located in territories under threat of occupation by the aggressor state (if currency is available).

I’m going to leave Ukraine. What should I do to my cash in UAH?

There’s no sense to move cash in Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) out of the country. You will either not be able to exchange it abroad, or you will exchange it at a very unfavorable rate.

Transfer your cash Hryvnia to your card account in Ukraine in advance. This can be done: in the working branch of the bank, with your passport; through self-service terminals that support accepting cash and ATMs with cash acceptance function. When you’re abroad you pay by card.

Crossing the border into a foreign country

How much money I’m allowed to have crossing the Ukrainian border during martial law?

The requirement to declare currency values in the amount of more than 10 thousand euros per person (equivalent) remains. However, the need to provide supporting documents on cash withdrawals from own accounts and purchase of bank metals is not required.

If you leave in a car, a green card insurance policy is optional (for Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Moldova).

How about COVID tests?

COVID documents and medical insurance are not checked when crossing the Ukrainian border. However, may be required in destination countries.

Way of paying abroad

I’m about to leave Ukraine. What’s the best way to pay abroad?

For payments abroad, prefer non-cash payments: hryvnia and currency payment cards, ApplePay and GooglePay.

When you’re abroad, in ATMs you can withdraw cash from both foreign currency and Hryvnia cards. Conversion of such transactions will take place at the rate set by the international payment system (rather than the cash exchange rate).

Important notice: The National Bank of Ukraine did not set any restrictions on non-cash payments both domestically and abroad.