False Ukrainian passport can be purchased for $ 100-500

false ukrainian passport for 100 dollars
In Ukraine a false passport costs from $US 30 to $US 160.

A product that was already in use is the cheapest.

Quite another passport market niche concerns to Ukrainian passports of new model. A new document in any name and with any photo can be made for relatively little money. Identification number and birth certificate included. It will cost UAH3500-4000 ($US 145-160). Someone offers a new passport for UAH2500 ($US 100).

Offers of false Ukrainian passports

The general scheme is simple: the customer sends his/her photo by e-mail (sometimes the specimen signature is asked), gives surname, first name, patronymic, year and place of birth he/she needs. Advanced payment of 50% is made mostly on electronic account (WebMoney, LiqPay, etc.). Time for fulfillment of an order is sufficiently short – from 3-5 to 7-12 days.

The most expensive “passport makers” act most carefully. Guys asking for passport until €9300 explain: “You have to go to the Czech Republic for two – three days”. Just there they take the advanced payment in €4500. They promise getting a new Ukrainian passport in three months, of course, in any name and for anyone.

Purpose of selling such false personal certificates is to get easy money. Purposes of purchasing such false documents (Ukrainian passports) are quite different. Getting a loan is the commonest of them. Having some legal knowledge or a “lured” notary, malefactors can register an enterprise laundering money under the name of the person, which passport has got into their hands. Also prospects for fraud with real estate and other property are opened.

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