Fake Russian passport and Photoshop

example of photoshoped russian passport
Photoshop makes a miracle: same number, different people

Photoshop is the most popular graphic editor in the world. This program is 30 years old. With its help you can create and edit images, draw a banner, increase contrast or someone’s boobs…  With the help of Photoshop, you can also forge/fake a Russian passport. This is a popular fraudulent scheme, when the graphic editor forges a Russian passport to confirm that the person is legitimate/ exists.

How to find out if a Russian passport was photoshopped?

If it’s a fake Russian passport of high quality and the person who sees this passport does not understand the situation, it is almost impossible to detect forgery.

What people usually do to find out is it fake? – Check passport it by their own. Search example of Russian passport in google images and compare. It looks like the same. Looks like

There are low-quality fakes, where the result is visible at first glance. But some scammers know how to use Photoshop. They convey colors, contrasts and even watermarks. Therefore, it is almost impossible to distinguish a fake from the original without the necessary knowledge.

Our company offers a Russian passport verification service

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In fact, any crime leaves traces. Any. The same goes for Photoshop. There is software that allows you to run tests to see if an image is original or has previously been modified in graphics editors (like Photoshop). Our company does such tests; we have necessary experience. Without skills and knowledge, it is almost impossible to do it. For someone who has never encountered this, a fake will look just like the original. You will lose time and money.

Knowledge of Photoshop itself is not enough to check Russian passport

As in every case, there are certain features. Passport is a set of many elements: data, fonts, colors, indents, images, photos, watermarks. Every detail is important. When checking the passport, we compare all these elements together to understand whether the passport is genuine/valid.

A fake passport is an integral part of a romance scam. The girl convinces you that she is in love. You invite her to your country or arrange to meet in neutral territory. And suddenly, it turns out that she does not have a passport. It will be easy for her to convince you to send money so that she can make a brand new passport for travel abroad (in Russia you need a separate passport for travel). She will later send you a copy of this passport to brag and thank you for your generosity.

The next step, usually, is to convince you to send her money to buy a plane ticket. The girl convinces the victim that in Russia it is necessary to involve a travel agency (this is a lie). You are convinced that the girl is real, because she recently sent you a copy of her passport. You naively send her money for tickets. After that, your mission is accomplished. The swindler stole the money and goodbye!

photoshop template of russian passport
Template of photoshoped Russian passport. Simply insert any details

Even if you see this girl on video and think that the copy of the passport she sent you is real – it still means nothing. You can now buy a Russian passport template online for a small fee, where the scammer simply inserts the required name, date and place of birth. Other data can be invented. This fake looks quite realistic. Enough to deceive an unprepared person.

Photoshop and Ukrainian passports

ukrainian passport in photoshop
What are you?

The same story with Ukrainian passports. They are constantly forged in stories of romantic fraud. The schemes are the same:

verify fake passport ukraine

What do we recommend

Better to be safe than sorry. This saying has no exceptions. Especially when it comes to communicating with a complete stranger. Especially when it’s online communication. On the Internet, people can pretend to be someone else. It’s very simple. A passport is a document that identifies a person. This is a very serious document. Obviously, it has several degrees of protection and elements that you can’t fake at home. Use professional services to detect fakes.

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