Fake marriage for green card consequences

Green card by marriage timeline

For many, the concept of marriage is a binding themselves with a family ties taking the responsibility for the family. At first glance, people think that the family is sacred, but as practice shows, this is an outdated concept for many of modern girls.

Girls as eager to go live abroad, that they are willing to fake marriage for green card consequences. Foreign countries for them is a dream that they want to carry out, even to go to immoral acts.

Such goal appeared, because they believe that they will not meet their happiness in their country, and unstable economic situation will not allow them to develop further. But here, I want to add that the girls enter into fake marriage for green card consequences. Their goal is not the development, but successful marriage through marriage. They are willing to tolerate her not beloved husband and all his displeasure, if only to be a citizen of a foreign country.

Russians are very confident that it is very easy to enter into such a marriage, and that any foreigner would agree to such conditions. Such an opinion exists among them, since they are considered to be the most beautiful girls. That`s why using their beauty, they use foreigners.

They produce it fraudulently, since very few people agree on a fictitious family. They turn to marriage agencies, or looking for a suitable passion on dating sites. The groom has no idea that the girl drew attention to him only in order to conclude a fake marriage for green card consequences.

For many foreigners family still remains a saint, and they value marriage. Slav just need this, they entice foreign men in the network and gain not only achievable, but also expensive gifts, and possibly financial assistance.

It should be noted that the girl might attract attention of not only one man, she can immediately write to many, to be sure that her plan will work.

That`s why I want to note that when dealing with anyone on the network, you have to be cautious, because remember that you can send the money and gifts, and she will not become your wife, even fictitiously.

The second way to attract a man  is to get acquainted with a foreigner, a tourist in some nightclub. Then she can even begin to be imposed on you.

And remember, if you it comes to a marriage, then all the costs of registration of documents, you will take on yourself. Since most of the girls, who this way want to go abroad are from disadvantaged or poor families.

Green card by marriage timeline

In any country to obtain citizenship, you have to live a certain time. Terms of accommodation will depend on the selected country. But if we take the average of the EU countries, the United States and Britain offer to live there about five years. And only then you can apply for permanent residence.

But green card by marriage timeline does not stop Slavic girls that they will have to spend five years on achieving the goal.

Such events do not please foreign governments. That is why in order to marry, even to those who marry for love will have to go through many procedures. These procedures are very tightened, and you will have to prove the migration services that your intentions are sincere.

Let’s see what you need to pass to get the green card by marriage timeline.

The main task of service on citizenship is to set the honesty of husband and wife intentions in creating a family of love.

Employees of the service have repeatedly faced the problem when the couple tried to fictively enter into a marriage.

Based on these cases, migration services officers conduct interrogations. In these interrogations, they ask different questions and identify discrepancies between the future husband and wife.

In order to pass the procedure successfully, it is recommended to have the following documents. Such certificates package will help to prove the purity of intentions:

 Common photos, where you rest together or spend time;

 Joint bank accounts;

 The tax return;

 Letters, which contain information from the first day of acquaintance until the day when you decide to start a family;

 Excerpts of telephone conversations;

 If you already have a common property, it is necessary to submit a certificate, which will confirm it;

 Flights and extracts from the hotels where you were together;

 statements to your name of utilities;

 General insurance policies;

 certificate of the common property.

As we can see, in order to prove to the officer that you are indeed a couple and want to continue to live together, but in another country, you will need to provide a lot of evidences.

Хотя процедура очень жестокая, но девушки умудряются обмануть и иностранные службы. Для этого они насколько хорошо внедряются в доверие иностранца, что подкопаться в итоге ни к чему.

Although the procedure is very cruel, but the girls manage to deceive the foreign service. In order to do this, they are being well implemented in the trust a foreigner that there is eventually nothing to undermine.

That is why, if you decide to be bound by family ties with Slavic girl, firstly, make sure the purity of her intentions. After all, as we understand, they are willing to spend a few years in order to achieve their goal.

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