Russian dating scam. Fake debt and apartment sale fraud

Scam scheme

The man from Scandinavia meets the girl from Russia on Tinder (January 2021).

They start to communicate. The lady offered to leave Tinder.

Tinder is too small and they continue in emails and phone calls.

They had a match. There were even a video call on Skype, the quality was bad but good enough to identify the lady from the pictures the man thought. There were several phone calls from the lady but the man could not call due to some telephone issues in the city.

The lady said she was going to purchase a new phone so that they could write messages on WhatsApp but she could not Skype to often this because of the bad Internet in the city.

The lady is always calm and polite. Exactly how the man likes.

She claims to live at St. Lenina 33, 442962 in the city Zarechny in Penza Oblast, works in a beauty salon as a manager.

Never left the country in her life.

“I and my mother paid for the apartment every month in the small sums. We bought the apartment on credit on such conditions.
Therefore I went to bank in more detail to learn about this letter. But in bank I was shocked. They told that it is not a mistake. 
Explained me it. The citizen of Russia who has any kind of debt to the state has no right to leave the territory of Russia.
For this reason I was detained at registration at the airport and forbade to fly to other country. The police issued the protocol on me on attempt to leave the territory of Russia.”

Even her mom called him to make sure he’s a good person. The mother said she was worried and did not want her only girl to go abroad and therefor invited the man for her 60 birthday in September 2021.

There was mutual sympathy. The man could not come to Russia because of his work and CORONA,

So he invited the lady to visit him in Scandinavia. She agreed.

First she went to Moscow, to get the visa.

According to the law, she must show her financial solvency (around 50 EUR per day).

But the man offered to make her an invitation, where he assured that he’ll take care of her, so there was no need to secure those 50 EUR/day.

(Probably the first “BIG” attempt to get a money transfer but was avid by the invitation)

The man paid around 300 EUR to process her Russian passport and medicine certificate and the travel insurance. The lady said she will purchase the tickets by herself. She was constantly sending all the “documents”, with stamps. Of course, everything in Russian, it all looked fine and secure.

There was a mediator – travel agency that took care of all the paperwork.

The plan was to fly from Moscow to Oslo through Turkey because there’s no direct flight at the moment because of CORONA.

Everything was ready. She was ready to meet the man in Scandinavia.

Then she told him she was stopped at the border because she had a debt.

She went to Moscow, to the bank, to find out what’s going on.

Fake debt

It was because of the debt for her apartment her parents bought 12 y ago. There’s an apartment in Zarechny, her parents took a loan to buy it. She live there, her mother lives with her grandmother somewhere in the village. But some amount was not paid (debt). That’s why she cannot leave the country. But the solution was to pay “security payment” to the bank.

She returns to Zarechny and pretends to be very upset with this situation. Debt for the apartment credit is 694,227 rubles now, it is about 7700 euro and in the first she only needed 25% of this to injure the bank that she could cover the mortgage. But then  quickly after that she claimed that the bank pressed charges to her for trying to leave the country without the 25% already in the bank and she needed to pay the whole amount. so the victim sent this amount to the girl.

“1) I can pay now completely this credit in bank of 694227 rubles.
it is not possible to me to make it now. 694227 rubles, are a lot of money.
It will not be the decision for me at present

2) I will have to leave in bank as pledge 25% of my credit.
I will try to explain you it in detail!
Wash debt in bank makes 694227 rubles
25% = 173556 rubles (1900 euro)”

Apartment sale fraud

Now she decides she doesn’t want to stay in Russia any more. She will move to Scandinavia and stay with the man so she decides to sell the flat. Her mother doesn’t mind (she will stay with her mother).

She decides to sell the apartment for 60 000 EUR. She does all the preparation work (cleaning, technical passport for the apartment etc). Sends all the documents to a victim in parallel.

She finds a person who wants to buy the flat very fast.

But there’s one problem. The account she has is too small to be able to get paid for the flat (60000 EUR). A new account is required and you have to put 8000 EUR to ensure it’s good enough to receive the 60 k for the flat. The victim sent the 8000 EUR. During all this time, she was sending documents (proofs) from the bank.

After that she told the victim that some person from the bank made the mistake, that’s why she needs additional 3000 EUR to close the issue. The victim felt something was wrong and refused to pay. He said, your mother should help you and take out a loan. She said the mother actually did it, but the loan was 2000 EUR only because her pension is very small. So now she needs additional 1000 EUR to close the issue.

This scam is well prepared. The scammer(s) found out everything they needed about a victim.

They scanned him really deep. She never appeared with nude pictures, expensive watches or asking for money. She’s always been calm, polite and confident. Always showed “documents”, gave examples of her friends acting in similar situations and even engaged her “mother”, which spoke to the victim in person.

The trophy was SO close and all the man had to do is to PAY the debt. In his opinion, it was fine that the bank wants to stay on a safe side, not to lose money (loan).

(She even sent this letter on the due date for the debt obligation and the bank account freeze.)

Hello my love

I hope you are fine.

Today I gave keys to my buyer. I cannot return to the apartment.

I have no money. I have no apartment… My bank account is blocked till 2022.

Today I will go to the village to mine mother. I will live in the village at first.

Anna lives with the man. I will not disturb it.

I will arrive from the village and I will write you the letter.

Remember always. I very much love you xxxxxx



We helped this man to verify this Russian lady

When the victim contacted us we investigated the case and found out it was a scam. Pictures of the lady are stolen and belong to another person (fake identity), two Russian passports are fake, all the documents she sent were fake (fake stamps, watermarks, some form of documents simply don’t exist).

Pretty fucked up!

The end!

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The list of fake documents

Fake International debt receipt obligation
International debt receipt obligation Fake
international debt receipt obligation fake
International debt receipt obligation Fake
certificate from VTB Bank
Fake certificate from VTB Bank
Sberbank info blank
Sberbank info blank
fake order to initiate proceedings
Fake order to initiate proceedings
Fake receipt from the travel agency
Fake receipt from the travel agency
sberbank blank
notification of the establishment for the debtor of a restriction on the right to leave the Russian Federation
Fake notification of the establishment for the debtor of a restriction on the right to leave the Russian Federation
fake airline tickets
Fake airline tickets
fake travel agreement
Fake travel agreement
fake medical insurance
Fake medical insurance
fake medical report
Fake medical report
fake subpoena
Fake subpoena
fake certificate of state registration of rights
Fake certificate of state registration of rights
fake technical description of the apartment
Fake technical description of the apartment
fake bank statement
Fake bank statement