Experience of American man seeking fiancee in Russia and Ukraine

Experience of American man seeking fiancee in Russia and Ukraine

This is one more story of our guest author – his personal experience in true colors about seeking fiancee in Russia and Ukraine. Have a pleasant reading!

There is a basic lack of honesty among the people of the world. I know and believe that the majority of humans on this planet are good and decent and truthful persons. There are however some who care more about money than they do anything else. I could speak about that from a religious point of view, but I will not.


When I met my first and only fiancée in Russia in 2015, I was very greatly impressed with the kindness and decency of the Russians I encountered. I impressed my Russian fiancée as well because I was willing to get myself a new US passport, and a Russian Private Visa, and enter Russia without knowing anyone in Russia or having any Russian language skills!! I did find and buy a good verbal translating device that I used to communicate. I made many friends and met an English-speaking club in the town of Kirov, Russia where I stayed with my fiancée for 5 weeks over the holidays of Orthodox Christmas and New Year’s. I was devastated when she later broke the engagement after I had returned to the US and was planning our wedding and my permanent move to Russia.

So one incident truly reflected the Russian reputation for being very gracious and generous hosts for visitors, whether they are international or just from somewhere outside of the region of Russia. As I was waiting for the luggage to be transported off the aircraft into the terminal and released to each owner, I was approached by a man who was drunk. He noticed that I was not wearing any coat whatsoever and this was in the month of December where the cold winter is very well known globally as a very real important feature of the land. As he spoke to me, he asked if I was an English speaker or American, I do not recall exactly which wording he used. I replied yes and he then took out a small business card and gave it to me. He told me his name and that if I needed ANYTHING, I was to call him!! He said this was not a tourist town, (Kirov certainly is not, but is trying to help itself by building local tourism features that are far less expensive than the two primary cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg) and then implored me to call if needed but that he hoped I would not call him! Strange way to express himself but like I say he was drunk. I got plenty of strange and dirty looks for not wearing a coat but I was far too hot as I am an overweight American who had been running through taxis and two Moscow Airports in order to make the only nightly flight to Kirov and meet my fiancée who was waiting for me in Kirov with her only son and transportation to her flat some 30 km away from the airport. The aircraft was extremely crowded and too hot for my preference as well.

But it was an experience I will never forget just as I shall never forget the joy and excitement of meeting my woman and riding to her flat together in the back of a local taxi.


The Ukrainians I met during an 11-day stay in Kyiv in 2018 were no less gracious as hosts and friendly to me. My impressions were that Ukrainians were much more friendly to English speakers as they make lots of efforts to integrate with the rest of Europe and thus build their own economy into a stronger one apart from their past as part of the Soviet Union. 

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