Deception with expedite issue of Ukrainian passports

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The document service “Ready” throws people for money

The document service “Gotovo” (Ready) deceives its customers by offering the service of the super fast processing of documents – paying for the super fast processing of any document a client receives an expedite version of the processing, but at the triple price.

Not so long ago the network of the document services “Gotovo” has begun to work in Ukraine, which regularly opens new offices in the big cities.

“Gotovo” offers a number of services in the processing of documents, as well as issuing a number of certificates and even passports. And most importantly, according to officials, that is possible to receive all the documents transparently and fast.

Anyone who intends to draw up documents using the document service is offered a choice of time needed for processing all documents- normal, fast and super-fast. The normal time is the time stated on the website – up to 30 days, depending on the service. The fast time is reduction of processing time in half. Well, the whole catch is the super-fast time. Here the client is convinced that the necessary documents can be obtained in just a few hours. Accordingly, prices vary a lot according with the time – so the usual registration is three times cheaper than the super fast.

The problem is that the documents that the customer provides for further processing must be registered and processed. The registration on a server, like it or not, takes at least 6 hours. Therefore all promises to issue a certificate in 2-3 hours are fairy tales. The super-fast processing only expedites the movements of the personnel of “Ready” but no more.

As a result, the clients receive their documents in the “fast” time, but at the rate of the “super fast” one. The client is compulsorily submitted apologies for the slight delay on supposedly objective reasons.

Now it becomes clear a little how the pockets of officials associated with the service centre “Gotovo” are replenished.

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