How does the industry of erotic online chats work in Ukraine? Girls’ stories


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An interface of a site is easy: confirming his age, a user gets on a page with a lot of girls’ photos-shortcuts. Hovering over the photo, you can pre-check the room and what the girl is doing at the moment. And it can even be something that is not at all the thing to do or at least to show.

If the user gets interested in the girl’s actions he gets into her chat room, where begins to communicate with her together with others, leaving “tip”. Especially interested ones ask the girl for “one to one talk”, where the show is arranged only for one, and every minute is charged. The girl stirs up the user’s interest with the explicit show in order to make more tips.

This is how one of the US sites with interactive porn works. About 65 thousand models are registered on the site, i.e. 65 thousand boys and girls sent their passport details to work in the porn industry.

According SimilarWeb, the site is visited about 329 million times a month.

Illegal, but accessibly

Note, that this site is not the only one; there are at least a dozen equally large sites with similar content. Most of them are based in the United States – there is a legal business, which pays taxes and the models are even entitled to health insurance and retirement.

In Ukraine, this business is not legal. According to the Article 301 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, such activity is equivalent to the spread of pornography and is punishable by imprisonment of three to five years.

In early November, a porn studio in Ivano-Frankivsk which members now face up to seven years in prison was discovered. But this does not prevent Ukrainian girls and boys to arrange the paid online erotic shows.

Although most models hide their real country and block user-countrymen; it is very easy to find a Ukrainian porno actress: it is enough to change your IP in order a site not to identify the country, but then a room entourage and an accent peculiar only for residents of the CIS betray immediately.

Alina’s interview

Alina (name has been changed) came into this business with interest in her 19. She received an invitation to an interview in a social network: English, a confident PC user, discipline and communication – all sounded like usual requirements for an ordinary worker in an office.

The job ad differed only with an attractive proposition of salary and flexible hours (maybe even a night shift), which was very convenient for a day student in economics.

Alina was quickly “enrolled” and provided with a workplace. The workplace was a large double bed, table, computer, bright lighting and webcam. These were still 9 rooms in the apartment, several cabinets for workers’ personal belongings in the hallway, tea and coffee in the kitchen.

Training was to teach the girl to use sites and to configure the camera; she also was given the manuals composed by other girls. A shift lasted 6 hours, and then the girls could take a shower and go about their business. “I quickly became friends with girls and we often sat and talked in the kitchen. Basically I took night shifts – so it was easier and more fun”.

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I reached everything by myself

Like most girls, Alina did not think that her experience as a model of a porno chat will last longer than a year. But 7 years passed away, and Alina smiles into the camera to her regular customers again. Now she works at home and not in the studio. “It is more profitable, I do not give 50 percent. But it requires more discipline”.

She decided to transfer to an extra-mural, and then completely forgot about learning. “I like what I do. For me it is not a work, but communication with my friends. A few times a week I wear nice clothes, do hair and makeup and go on the air. We talk, joke. How does that differ from a therapist’s or presenter’s work?”

According to the girl, she can easily earn several thousand dollars a month while working 5 hours a day. But the pleasant things do not end there: “They send me gifts, pay my whims, travels.” For whims Alina calls a new car and jewelry by Cartier.

“I honestly do not understand those women who do not use their advantage or do not make themselves beautiful. Why should I meet with some freeloader when there are so many great men, ready to appreciate the beauty and my company?”

All these considerations are more like memorized phrases. It is understandable if a client feels false in the girl and that she does not get the same pleasure from mutual communication, the interest in her will disappear. Basic earnings are brought by the repeat customers who tell details of their life, complain of their boring wives and difficult working routine.

Such are ready to pay only for the fact that the object of their adoration does not undress on camera and sympathetically listens to their complaints. So the models play this game.

The regular customers feel that they have real relationship with a girl from the porno chat, and some even fall in love. “I never tell them that I love them and never give consent to marry. A couple of years ago a client of a site won the case because a girl of a porno chat agreed to marry him if he sends her some money and a ring. Getting hers, she said she had joked”.

The girl Svetlana

The girl Svitlana works in a studio. Her experience is almost 2 years. Svitlana has slightly different situation. When Alina went to work with curiosity, Svetlana’s difficult financial condition made her to take so interesting offer.

Svitlana’s studio is located in the centre of Kyiv. But the beautiful view from the windows could not distract the girl in her first time when she was put on the bed before the camera, given a piece of paper with the most common phrases used in the porno chat and their explanations. “I did not know some words in my native language, and I had no idea what I could do with my body”.

At first she behaved modestly, did not strip herself naked on camera and listened with horror stories of her colleagues’ airs. However, by the end of the week money earned by Svitlana would be not enough for a full dinner”. All these stories that one can earns without undressing on website are a pure and simple trick came up by the studio and site owners and ladies who need to “elevate” their activities.”

Having heard stories in the kitchen, she acquired necessary equipment in the sex-shop. Fortunately, the first purchase was paid by the studio; she cut her old jeans short as possible and pulled out of the closet a bright swimsuit. “It’s funny to remember now because buying a new underwear is for me a mandatory weekly expense item, on which my income depends, but then I made do with what I had or could find for my career progress.

At first she enjoyed the attention of visitors of the chats. The men made compliments, admired of her appearance and offered to run away somewhere at sea. Svitlana said that in her real life she started to feel much more confident, her self-esteem increased.

However, she lost friends – a secret virtual world gradually displaced her real life. Now she remember the names of her clients and know their problems, their pets’ nicknames and children’s age, but can easily miss her best friend’s birthday.

It is possible to do everything on the Internet

The girl said that all visitors of her chat-room are divided into several categories; white knights – those who set themselves up as gentlemen and “interest” in the inner world of a girl. Jesters and clowns – they provoke the audience and model with caustic comments, but, however, add liveliness to the atmosphere. Perverts – those who come to the site for its direct purpose and freeloaders hoping to get a piece of erotic free of charge.

“But in reality, they are all perverted, just lonely men who are afraid even to hire a prostitute, far from meeting with a real girl”.

Different people with different desires come to her. Feeling anonymity, the customers can ask the model to perform their innermost fantasies. “Once I had a private conversation with an unfamiliar user. He asked to speak to him as a little girl and said that I needed to do. There are many clients which ask about that, they are fans of role-playing games. At some point I felt strange; I realized that I was dealing with a paedophile. Having sharply stopped the air, I went, I shook. A minute later I received a private message from him on the site: “Well done, you angered me sufficiently to pull in no longer – there is a wonderful playground in the yard” -the girl says about one of the worst feelings.

Indeed, the models of the porno chats are as scavengers, they clear the debris of yearly oppressed desires of their customers. Of course, if you do all the whims of the client, without delving into their nature, you can do without moral accusations, but not everyone can go against heart.

“I do not like what I do. I feel empty and lonely, I have only these unfortunate concerned whiners” – Svetlana says.

Once again during a private porno show a client asked Svitlana simultaneously read “The Idiot” of Dostoevsky. There is a customer who requests her just to change shoes. One man comes to show her his new dresses, and how he looks in them. But most of them are not so whimsical and ask “a standard show”.

“Who can be a model? Anybody. Appearance is not important, you can always adjust the light, camera, filters. English is also not important – you quickly learn the necessary list of words that you are kindly provided by the studio. The main thing is to know what “pussy” is. Vocabulary of most of the girls can be limited to 30 words”.

What does the studio do?

Besides increasing of models’ vocabulary, the studio is responsible for security, privacy and, ridiculous though it might sound, moral characters of some models, as some sites have strict limits. The girls cannot rude, take drugs on the air, defecate in full view of the customers and arrange the shows with minors or animals.

In a conversation with a manager of one of the studios a reporter found that a charge of 60 per cent of model’s revenue is taken for the work in the studio.

For this a comfortable working place, friendly staff, removing the porno videos featuring the models from the web, corporate parties, premium and complimentary photo shoot are promised. Cash from the accounts is also transferred by the studio.

On the question of a journalist on the legality of the employees of the porno chat an administrator said that acts without breaking the law, and the definition of pornography does not apply to the activities of the web cam models: “What do you consider pornography? The model can sit completely in clothing, if it is so comfortable – here all depends on the ambitions of the girls”.

Svitlana has an opinion about the studio: “They behave like usual pimps, gradually lowering the moral bars by their workers. At the studio where I worked last time, we even got a small portion of amphetamines in order for us to work actively. A great manager thought that expenses for drugs will be repaid with the girls’ activity. I went from there, did not want on top of that to get hooked on amphetamines”.

A webcam-trap

As mentioned earlier, different clients come in these chats. Scammers want to make money blackmailing the girls or selling the recorded video with the model to other porn sites.

“You cannot be 100 percent sure that your videos recorded in public chat by a user will not get to any file sharing, and one of your classmates will not load it eventually. If you enter my nickname in the search engine, you will be given quite frank screenshots of the videos with my participation,”- Svitlana says.

According to Svetlana, the top career success by most models is marriage with one of her regular customers or providing escort services. Both girls told on their colleagues who became wives of their clients or escort workers.

And if for Alina this work is burdensome and even somewhat pleasant, not all girls are happy being trapped in this industry. For example, Svitlana is suppressed with her work. She believes that the job of the webcam models addictives.

“What would I tell the girls that think about to try? Do not start, you will destroy and sell yourselves, and can never get out of this business”. But, despite her warning, she is not going to change profession.

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