Documents issued by separatists of the DNR and LNR are invalid

fake dnr lnr passportsWith the beginning of fighting in the East of Ukraine life has not stopped in these areas. Authorities of the fake republics put the most efforts to simulate the state with all its attributes. Facts of birth, death, inheritance, registration and dissolution of marriage are attended with documentation and stamping of the unrecognized republics. It is clear that all these “documents” have no force or effect on the territory of Ukraine, as issued by authorities which do not exist in fact. Records about any legal events that occur in the uncontrolled areas shall not be entered into the state registers of Ukraine, and therefore de jure they do not occur.

One of the areas of separatists’ populism is passporting population

“A passport” of the self-proclaimed republic will not be recognized in any civilized country. Some Medias disseminate information that the Ukrainian passports are seized when issuing the “passport” of the self-proclaimed republics. However, this approach is unlikely to implement by the occupying authorities, because if a citizen loses the Ukrainian passport, he cannot get social benefits, including pensions at least until its recovery. Clearly, if people from the uncontrolled territories do not receive at least some income from Ukraine, they will make the authorities of the self-proclaimed republics provide uninterrupted financing of the population that cannot be done. Therefore, members of the terrorist organizations like the idea of dual citizenship for residents of the occupied territories: they can both keep the Ukrainian passport and get the fake republics. Even the residents of the occupied territories understand: the military conflict will come to an end in the future, and the Ukrainian passport in case of damage or destruction shall be recover.

If as a result of hostilities the Ukraine passport was damaged or lost, a person shall submit to the territorial department of the State Migration Service of Ukraine the following documents in order to obtain a new passport:

  • the application for replacement of the passport lost;
  • two photographs 3,5 x 4,5 cm in size;
  • the receipt of payment of the state duty;
  • documents on the basis of which marks are entered into the passport (the presence of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine for travelling abroad, marriage registration or dissolution, residence registration);
  • the copy of decree on institution or refusal to institute criminal proceedings regarding to the person’s report to the police about the passport stolen (if available).

Facts occurred in the “DNR” and “LNR” shall be determined only in a court case

We recommend the residents of the eastern region, which failed because of life circumstances to move to the controlled territory, still get the “documents” with the stamps of the self-proclaimed republics. It is not about the separatist “passports” but about various certificates, statements of medical institutions of birth, deaths and so on. These “documents” will be useful in determining certain circumstances in the courts, because there is no ability for legalization of such “documents”.

Courts hear cases without any delay

Taking into account the variety of situations that occur in the area of ATO, the parliament adapts the legislation to life in the occupation. Thus, the application on finding a fact about a person’s born in the temporarily occupied territory may be submitted by parents, relatives, their representatives or other legal representatives of the child to any court outside that territory of Ukraine regardless of the applicant’s place of residence. The application on finding a fact about a person’s death in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine may be submitted by relatives of a deceased or their representatives to a court outside that territory. In addition, the cases regarding the establishment of a fact of birth or death of a person in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine are considered immediately after receipt of the application to the court. A court decision shall have immediate effect. A copy of the decision is issued to the persons involved in the case immediately after the declaration of the decision or is immediately sent by the court to the state civil registration at the place of deciding for the state registration of the birth or death of a person.

17,086 birth certificates are registered from November 2014 till August 2016 in the areas of the “DNR”.

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