Digital hygiene on dating sites during the pandemic

hygiene on dating sites

In the self-isolation mode, people have practically no opportunity for live communication. The only way out for many in this situation is dating sites and social networks. However, on such sites, you are more likely to meet scammers than princes and princesses. Therefore, in order not to fall on the hook of scammers, you must follow basic rules. Along with faith in the sincerity and the bright future, people lose money and even their reputation. How to recognize scammers and not be deceived?

Modern reality

Facebook, the largest social network in the world, was originally a dating site for Harvard University students. So websites specializing in finding soulmates or fleeting love are a modern reality.

The most popular dating applications such as Badoo or Tinder allow you to view user profiles, highlighting those that you liked more than others, like photos and exchange messages.

Remember that the biggest danger to dating site visitors is fraudsters who pull out personal information that poses a threat to disclosure. For example, details of personal life that others do not know about. The blackmailers then offer the victims to ransom this information. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the criminals, having received the desired reward, will not disclose incriminating information or will not demand money again. And it is very difficult to prevent an attacker from publishing materials, so it is better not to get into such a situation at all.Despite the popularity of dating sites, many are still embarrassed to admit to visiting them. The reality is, if you play fair and post your photo, finding you is easy. You can come up with any nickname, but even a person who was previously unfamiliar with you is able to identify you by a picture: recognition services have advanced far and are available to everyone. Your image alone is enough to find your social media profile, public event shots, and whatever else you are featured on.

By posting information on a dating site, you are publishing it for everyone. Therefore, when filling out your profile, indicate only those data that you are not ashamed to share. The same rule applies to photographs.
Don’t neglect the simple rules of digital hygiene.

One video call instead of a thousand messages

Do not delay with virtual chat conversations, and switch to video communication as soon as possible.

When registering, do not use an e-mail with your last name, especially corporate mail. Do not link your profile to social media accounts. Otherwise, the fraudster will know everything about you, right down to the address and place of stay. But keep in mind that, using the search “by picture”, interested people will still be able to find you. For the same reasons, do not write your real name on the form.

Use the most secure dating sites and apps and antivirus software. If you really want to see the person you met online, video chat applications come to the rescue. There are many videos and stories on the Web about how people celebrate family holidays, birthdays, cook together, listen to music, watch movies, visit online exhibitions and concerts, and even read books. Modern means of communication are very helpful at times when there is no way to meet in person.

Password must be strong

Video chat applications should only be downloaded from official sources to minimize the risk of malware infecting your device. All services should use different yet complex passwords, and wherever possible, enable two-factor authentication. This minimizes the possibility of hacking your account, and if attackers nevertheless take over your account in one of the services, this will prevent them from accessing your other accounts.

You should not click on suspicious links received in messengers from friends (their account can be hacked), and even more so from new people from dating services. Links can lead to phishing sites, or they can download malicious files.

Remove from instant messengers all important information regarding personal data, passwords and logins that you send to friends, immediately after reading by the other party. Do the same with the data you receive. So you will negate the opportunity to use this information to the one who gets access to it (if your account is hacked).

Use modern means of communication so as not to feel lonely during a pandemic, but do not forget about safety!

Can you identify if she’s real?

I’m not sure if you can help. I’ve been communicating with a lady on UADreams site for 20 months. Pandemic has delayed my trip to Ukraine. I’m almost sure she’s real but there’s a small doubt. What raises a flag is she won’t send pictures of her family. I have a few hundred pics of her though. I don’t know her last name or address. All I have is her pics and letters and profile on UADreams site Is that enough? Request consultation from our online dating scam investigators.