Diana Novikova. Doing Money Scams with foreign citizens

diana novikova ukrainian dating scam
Novikova Diana. Dating scam from Ukraine

I want to report one of your Ukraine citizens doing money scams, requesting sponsor the trip to visit our country and not traveling to any country and denied to return the money that I transferred to her account for Immigration process completion.
These kinds of scams creating a BAD image for the county of Ukraine.
Request the passport and immigration team to take necessary action on this Ukraine citizens.

Name of scammer: Diana Novikova
Passport Nr:FD022044
Date of birth: NOV – 1993
Contact Nr: +380 639967461

Bank card used for this Money scam: 5355 280 2004 19487
Expiry: 06/22
Cardholder name is: DIANA NOVIKOVA

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