Personal experience on dating sites and things you should pay attention

things you should pay attention on dating sites

I think it’s a shame that people who are serious about finding their love try to steal their time and money this way.

Because it takes you a few weeks before you find out you’re being used? I had three ladies that I was in contact with at the same time and after 2 or three letters all three of them did not trust.

I’ll just write a piece about my experiences and things that I pay attention to in these situations.

I’ve been single all my life and have been on dating sites for foreign women and even paid sites for example zoosk.

Usually it starts because a woman contacts you instead of the other way around, then you have to pay attention because if you are new to a site it is usually already in your “new” profile.

Usually the people who want to abuse someone are often online (not people who are really looking for a relationship, who are online occasionally if they have time). They see a new profile and try to get in touch immediately; they start quietly with a message and in my case usually further via e-mail or WhatsApp or another platform.

When you start making acquaintances they are friendly and then the questions go back and forth in the beginning but after a number of messages they will try more and more to make you fall in love.

They look at how you react to the mail and go further and further, usually some sexy pictures come up slowly and they slowly start to play with your thoughts, they pretend to be enticed, wait for the reaction and so on.

What you should pay attention to is that if you ask questions in a letter whether you will receive an answer and check whether your letter has been read correctly. Sometimes your questions are not answered at all (they think you are already in love and that you are only thinking of meeting them).

They write beautiful words about love encounters candlelight dinner, and dreams they have had that you were together, so you have to pay attention whether your questions are still answered and if not they will go over to meeting, then usually the travel costs are slowly discussed or papers that have to be arranged and there is no money for or for sites for translation costs, excuses about a wallet that has been lost and so on to steal money from you.

I’ve been through a lot and don’t trust anyone easily even through a dating site that seems unreliable. You should also pay attention if people say that they do not have a smartphone and are not on social media, this can also not be true then they say that they take photos with a normal camera and have (“has forgotten”) no computer or only at work or with friends internet. Most Europeans have a smartphone. I received a photo from a girl who said she did not have a smartphone and had sent me a photo that she was standing in front of a mirror with a vase of roses in front of it you had to look very carefully and zoom in but then you saw very dimly that she took the photo with her smartphone (and she told me she had no smartphone and was poor).

So always pay attention to details. I would say if someone wants to come to me let it come and if I really meet her I can always pay back the trip and you can also agree if there is already difficult or said that they do not have the money for it the choice is yours. But keep in mind that your money can just disappear and you will never meet anyone at the airport. And always try to find out if they are marked as scammers somewhere. For example on sites like and also pay attention sometimes they first send you 10 photos that are not registered as a scam photo, but you can, for example, encounter the 11th photo on such a scam site they think you already trust them and that they can also use the already known photos !!!

These are my findings so take advantage of it and never pay too fast !!! And check, check and double check.

And do you want to contact a girl and you don’t trust her enough, you can also have it checked by a site like

About author

The author of this article is an average user of dating sites, lives in one of West European countries, kindly accepted our invitation to share his personal experience. Hope it will help potential victims to save time and money.