Dating scams

Dating site scams

For many of us, the search for love over the Internet can be a gift from God. For others, however, it may be just the occupation, destroying other people’s lives – leaving us with no money, with a broken heart and a wide variety of problems that we may encounter. The best way not to meet a female crook is to know «the enemy» in the face, as well as having the ability to distinguish them from ordinary people.

Dating site scams

When you communicate with someone on the Internet, pay attention to the contents of messages you receive. Do you get messages that truly respond to your questions, or are they just writing you a text in a manner that could be sent to anyone, only in a slightly modified form?

Scammers on dating sites often send similar messages to all of their victims. So if the messages seem to you too generalized and simple – stay away from such people. Their posts are so standard that you can easily copy the text and find analogues in the Google search. Even the information in their profiles can be taken from other profiles on other dating sites. Also, there are many dating website scams. That`s why before you register on the site, check the reviews. Pay attention to the speech of your interlocutor. Poor knowledge of English may be a signal for you, or, at least, you just need to get to know this person better. Many scammers are not too strong in the knowledge of English; poor grammar and mistakes in their proposals could mean that the person is not too sincere with you. Also, their speech may vary depending on the country of their origin.

Also a person may look «too good to be true». Perhaps it is so – by the photos of beauties a huge number of men have been caught in a trap in ladies` profiles, so if a woman whose profile says that she is 30 years old, and she looks on the photo to be no more than 25, then this is an alarming sign! Someone sent you a photo, or she has it in her profile? If so, take advantage of special programs, or use the Google search, to identify if you hit a dating scam or deal with a normal person. Scammers often select photos on the Internet and modify them slightly, so if you dig deeper, you may discover the truth. Even if the image was cropped to remove the signature, or processed in Photoshop (to change the face), you will still be able to find the original. Photos of models and porn actresses are used most often, but the photos of attractive ordinary people can also be used.

Internet dating scams

Look for the person on the Internet. What are the results of your search? Does the fact that you have found someone you need correspond to the reality? For example, do the accounts on Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Twitter speak about the same things?

You can check whether the things the person has said are true, taking advantage of her personal data and electronic reference books of names, depending on the city she lives in.

Learn more about the country your interlocutor talks about. Pay attention to the smallest detail that a person indicates in her messages, especially about the place where the person lives.

The simplest explanation of the fact that a person asks you for money on the Internet is that she is trying to deceive you. If this happens, then you should seriously think about the sincerity of the person with which you communicate. Dating site scams are very common.

Do not dig too deep trying to find out why a person asks you for money. It is not very decent that a person can simply ask for money from you without any good reason, just for her own benefit (the more deplorable her story is, the sooner you should forget about that person). A simple «no» would be sufficient; and if this relationship is destined to continue, it will survive your dry and hard refusal.

Online dating scams are very common, so pay attention to the messages that sound like a plea for help and contain persistent demands to provide money, even after your firm refusal to do so. This person is not your love, but just a hunter for profit.

Even if you have found out that the person is trying to deceive you, do not try to resist her. Even if you keep in touch with her just for fun, your actions can hurt her dignity and push her to create a new profile with new photos and information to try again to deceive you. Just give up communicating with her, block her emails and do not accept calls from her.

Since Internet dating scams are one of the topical issues of today, share data – photos, information, addresses and nicknames on sites that have the lists of cheaters. On these sites you may find exactly the same texts as in the profile of your former companion.

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