Countries that sell passports

Countries that sell passports

Many people want to have the citizenship of another country, but it also happens that a few at once. For this reasons, there is a great deal. The most common of them is when people are dissatisfied with the state and the economy. Therefore, they are looking for countries that sell passports.

With the advent of this concept in our lives, pricing for this unusual kind of service has increased. Also, there are journalists who tell different stories about what a second passport – it is illegal and that it all can turn dangerous. Unfortunately, crooks have in this area, but there is, of course, legitimate ways.

To better understand what is at stake, it is necessary to talk about countries that sell passports and how to do it.

The sale of passports mean by investment programs. In other words, you invest a certain amount and in return receive a passport and citizenship of the country in which you are invested.

There are, of course, in this case the fraud and deception, but this point is easy to learn. Remember that citizenship in another country cannot be cheap, so as to get it, you need to make a certain amount.

Also, the procedure itself involves a very strict test. The main task of the commission was to find out whether or not we judge people as well as all the old documents are checked. In some cases, can check family or close relatives.

Based on the foregoing, those passports, which sell in the network, are illegal and may incur for a lot of problems. If you decide to buy, and this document, the border crossing you encounter any problems, even on paper for forged documents, and therefore arrest.

Today, there is one stable and time-tested program that provides such services; it is the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. In them you can get a second passport in two ways:

  1. Irrevocable investment in the Fund to diversify the sugar industry, it cost two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars.
  2. Investment in property, which approves the state, the cost of four hundred thousand US dollars for a period of five years.

When expire five years, the acquired property may be resold to another candidate, and investors regain spent investment.

Federation to provide these services enables live without taxation, to visit one hundred and twenty countries without a visa, including the Schengen area.

Below we list the countries in which sell citizenship on a formal basis, as well as point out the value of investments.


The country makes a clearance in just two months, if you invest money in real estate projects. The program applies to all family members. This state does not provide information on the exact pricing, but you get visa-free travel in Britain UK countries and the Caribbean Community.

You can live and work in more than fifteen countries and therefore without a visa to travel on them.

Antigua and Barbuda

  • Real Estate, in an amount not less than four hundred thousand US dollars;
  • Investing in the Development Fund of the state two hundred and fifty thousand dollars;
  • Business in Antigua and Barbuda in the amount of not less than one and a half million dollars American.

Passport of the country, make it possible to visit without a visa for more than one hundred and twenty countries. These are the countries of the European Union, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Commonwealth of Dominica

  • One hundred thousand US dollars per person;
  • One hundred and seventy-five thousands of the married couple;
  • Two hundred thousand per family, which consists of two adults and two children up to eighteen.


  • Six hundred and fifty thousand euros irrevocable investment in the State of Malta Development Fund;
  • One hundred and fifty thousand euro investment in stocks and bonds of Malta;
  • Three hundred and fifty thousand euros buying a property in Malta or rental of property for a term of one year and the price in the amount of sixteen thousand euros;
  • The program includes the need for possession of a residence permit for one year, after which will be given the citizenship and passport of Malta.


  1. Investments and donations to public funds of not less than two and a half million euros;
  2. Direct investments which make up five million euros;
  3. Bank deposits, the amount are the same as in the previous embodiment;
  4. The combination of investments (1, 2, 3 combined investments in the amount of at least EUR 5 million);
  5. Entrepreneurship.

Your company, in the past three years had to pay at least the amount of five hundred thousand euros annually in state funds and used the corporate services.

There are other countries that sell passports, important, consider the time that you have to invest a lot, and most importantly, that the number of such countries is very limited. If you have conceived and move, so in another country, be careful when it is selected.

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