How much does it cost to get a driver’s license in Ukraine

How much does it cost to get a driver's license in Ukraine in 2023

Theoretical and practical training at a driving school, passing exams at a service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and obtaining a driver’s license. How much will the right to drive a car in Ukraine cost in 2023?

Before starting a driving school, future drivers try to calculate how much they need to spend to get a driver’s license and what the money will be used for.

At first glance, a driving school should have a fixed price for the theoretical and practical parts, but it turns out that you have to pay extra for various services and a medical certificate.

How much does it cost to take the driving test and how do tuition prices differ in different cities of Ukraine?

How the tuition fee was determined?

Among the specialized educational institutions published by the Main Service Center, three to five driving schools in each regional center were selected.

In each driving school, the cost of training for category B (passenger cars) was determined and the average value for each city was calculated.

The tuition fee includes a theory course (offline) and practical classes. The government-approved curriculum stipulates that a student must drive 40 hours away. However, this rule is rarely followed, which is why the cost includes shortened practical training.

The cost of the services of the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is indicated separately.

New rules and requirements

In 2022, Ukraine changed the algorithm for obtaining a driver’s license. In the past, a future driver had to take a theory course at a driving school and then complete a practical training course there.

Then he was allowed to take internal exams, after which he was eligible to take theoretical and practical exams at a service center of the MIA.

The new algorithm changes the sequence of training and removes the stage of passing a theoretical exam at a driving school. Now, the student undergoes theoretical training and then takes a traffic test at a service center of the MIA.

Only then he is allowed to take practical training at a driving school, after which he takes the driving test at a service center of the MIA.

That is, now to get a driver’s license, you need to go through this process:

  • theoretical training in a driving school;
  • theory exam at a service center of the MIA;
  • practical training at a driving school;
  • internal driving test;
  • driving test at a service center of the MIA.

The Model Driver Training Curriculum provides 64 academic hours (45 minutes each) for theory, and 40 hours for practice.

Theoretical training usually lasts five weeks. You can take the practical exam at a service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs only five weeks after passing the theory. In other words, the entire training at a driving school lasts at least ten weeks (2.5 months). This is provided that the theory exam is passed on the first attempt. If a student fails, he or she is sent to a repeat course at a driving school. The next attempt to pass the theory test can be made only five days after the first one.

Cost of training in driving schools in Ukraine

As of May 5, 2023, there were 1,753 accredited driver training institutions in Ukraine. Driving schools located in the temporarily occupied territories do not operate.

The largest number of driving schools is in Kyiv and Kyiv region – 132 and 131 respectively. Dnipro (124), Lviv (122), and Odesa (101) regions are also among the leaders.

The number of driving schools in the partially temporarily occupied Kherson region is the lowest – five. In Donetsk region, which is in a similar situation, there are 35 driving schools.

The cost of training depends on the region, the driving school, and the number of practical classes.

Theory is often taught online, which is usually $25 cheaper than offline. The cost of training, depending on the field, is 100-200 USD. The practical part is usually divided into several courses: minimal (20 classes per hour), basic (30 classes), and standard (40 classes). The calculation is based on the standard course of 40 lessons.

Average tuition fee at driving schools in Ukraine in 2023

Region of UkraineCost of obtaining a driver’s license, USD
The list does not include cities in the temporarily occupied territories or those that have recently been de-occupied.

In most regions of Ukraine, local driving schools offer training packages with a small number of lessons: 10, 15, or 20 hours each. Accordingly, for a larger number of lessons, you need to pay extra: either separately ($10 per hour) or take two practice packages of 20 hours each.

While the Standard package in Kyiv driving schools includes 40 hours of practice, in the regions such a package will contain much fewer hours. For example, driving schools in Vinnytsia believe that 15-20 hours is enough to learn how to drive a car.

Additional services

To take the exam at a service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a student must have a passport, a copy of his or her identification code, and a medical certificate of fitness to drive.

The medical certificate includes an electrocardiogram, vestibular examination, blood and urine tests, and examinations by an ophthalmologist, neurologist, otolaryngologist, surgeon, and, for women, a gynecologist (there may be contraindications to driving).

The document, approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, contains an exhaustive list of diseases and disabilities that will prevent a person from driving vehicles.

You can get a certificate from your family doctor or a private clinic. Some online driving schools offer to buy a certificate for $6-12 without undergoing examinations and tests.

There are driving schools that offer additional services: submitting documents to the MIA service center costs $22, and retaking the internal exam costs $3. You should check the amount of additional fees before enrolling in a driving school.

Passing a practical exam at a service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is also not free. For 20-30 minutes of driving while the exam is in progress, you have to pay $8-20. You also need to pay for the production and issuance of a driver’s license, forms and documents, as well as for taking the exam. The latter service costs less than $1 for each attempt at theory and practice. The cost of issuing a license differs by several dozen hryvnias depending on the city. In Kyiv and Lviv, it is $7, in Dnipro, Kharkiv, and Odesa – $8, and in Lutsk – $6.

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