What’s the real cost of dental services in Ukraine

My girlfriend in Ukraine has damaged a tooth. She is now asking for money to pay for dental work on a broken tooth. How much do dentist services actually cost in Ukraine? How not to fall victim to scams? Let’s talk about this in this article.

real cost of dental services in Ukraine

Treat teeth in Ukraine is cheaper, but the quality is the same as in America. Comparing the prices for dentistry in Ukraine and the USA, the cost in Ukrainian is at least three times lower. It even happens that foreigners come to Ukraine for dental treatment. Given the flight and accommodation in Ukraine, it is still cheaper.

Ukrainian dentists are highly qualified, use the same modern materials as in Europe and the United States.

Cost of dental treatment in Europe, USA and Ukraine

Let’s compare the cost of dental treatment in Europe, USA and Ukraine.

Filling in France – 70 EUR, crown – 600 EUR, implant – from 1700 EUR.

Prices in the USA: filling – minimum 400 USD, crown – up to 3000 USD, implant – 6000 USD.

And now attention: the average price in Ukraine (cost of dental treatment): 24 USD for а filling, from 90 USD for a crown and from 500 USD for an implant.

Thus, in Ukraine, a favorable price for dental services, no queues, high quality, which is not inferior to analogues in the United States and Europe.

Take care of your teeth and wallet!

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