Can – a dating scam scheme

dating site scheme can

A can – this is how we call a dating scam scheme often used by women from Ukraine and Russia.

The scheme of fraud is based on using the pictures of the same person on a large number of dating sites. Usually it’s 5-20 profiles on different dating sites. Those profiles can be registered for the same person and age or under different names and ages.

The peculiarity is that the photos are impossible or very difficult to identify. It’s like a ghost. So when we take this on (identification of person by photos) it turns almost impossible, because there’s no match on the Internet/social networks. And believe me, we know well how to search. This kind of conspiracy (hygiene on social networks and the Internet) is a necessary component of this dating fraud.

We know the case when a man was in contact with the allegedly same girl on different dating sites, but on one site she swore to him in love, and on another – did not recognize him.

Many times, these women say they’re active people: a doctor, a dancer, a restaurant owner. You have to know that it is impossible in the modern world, in modern Ukraine, for such an active woman at this age not to be on social networks. It does not happen. Not in Ukraine.

What does it mean? It’s a can – another dating scam and you should avoid such girls. Why? Most likely, she does not communicate with you personally. Specially trained people (sometimes even men) do it instead of her. She has either sold her photos to a dating site and now this material works under the same or different legends / different profiles or this person is constantly getting her commission from dating sites.

If necessary, she is told: hey, write a text on a piece of paper and take a photo for such a client. So she urgently does that to confirm she’s legit and allegedly is in correspondence (she’s real and sincere with you).

We know of a case when, according to legend, the girl was in Odessa all the time, but in fact she had been in Dubai for more than a year. From time to time she took photos, imitating that she was in Odessa.

If you encounter a similar situation, avoid such ladies, because it is a scam. Your chances of finding the woman in the photo are extremely low and even if you succeed, it will not work, because that woman does not know you. She has no feelings for you. You are just a source of profit.

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